Is Starbucks now Racist?

In the latest episode of ‘everything is racist’, there was an incident at a Starbucks in Philadelphia last week, where two black men were arrested. They were hanging around in Starbucks for quite a long time, seated and not buying anything, and when they later asked to use the bathroom, despite not paying for anything, they were refused the key code since they didn’t purchase anything. The manager then asked them to buy something or leave, to which they replied that they were waiting for a friend, and that’s when the police were called, which was when they argued with the police for a full seven minutes, stating that they refused to leave the Starbucks, despite not even being paying customers.

Yes, this was the perfect storm for all social justice warriors and looney lefties to start a campaign of anti-racism, full of placards, such as “Coffee is Black” and with some black people even now coming into Starbucks stores to demand free coffees to repair race relations.

You can’t make this stuff up! And, if we didn’t know any better, we’d presume that this was just another George Soros led Black Lives Matter agenda, aimed at dividing and conquering Starbucks, given how much protests and placards that we have already seen so far. Only kidding, but lets give this incident some more perspective now, before somebody comes along and screams “racist!”

So, we really need to involve Mark Dice’s views on this whole ordeal, since we wholeheartedly share the same view as him. Watch!

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said on Tuesday that it will now close its more than 8,000 company-owned stores in America, and its corporate offices on May 29th, in order to conduct anti-discrimination training for all staff and employees.

Now whilst protestors claim racial profiling, perhaps, it’s just a case of maybe you should buy something, as the policy reads, in order to use the restroom inside a Starbucks. Maybe it should be common knowledge by now, that many businesses employ a paying customer ethos, and if you’re asked to leave for loitering in any establishment, it shouldn’t come as any surprise when you’re actually asked leave.

We surely believe that George Soros should invest his time on more leftist coups like these, instead of trying to battle Donald Trump, in order to rile up his base, as it really seems like Starbucks are now public enemy number one.

When leftists, Generation X or even certain Millennials get a chance to grab a megaphone and protest just about anything, they’ll be there to yell, scream and join forces to basically have a day out, it seems… So, Starbucks is now racist!

Quite clearly, this incident in Philadelphia has got out of hand, but such is the ethnic landscape of the current leftist culture after 8 years of Barack Obama, with George Soros puppeteering in the background, which has made everything racist and that’s how this socialist idiocracy has really begun to take shape…

Regardless of your race, if you don’t buy something, and sit inside a legitimate business, then refuse to leave when asked by a manager, you might just get arrested if you don’t obey police orders once they arrive. That’s deemed as trespassing.

Sure, the manager of the Starbucks shouldn’t have called the police, but in retrospect, the men could have waited outside or listened to the manager before it escalated to the police even being called.

The hashtag #BoycottStarbucks is now trending along with #Freeblackcoffee. One wonders what Starbucks will do now? Will they offer free coffee to black people? Or free coffee for everyone? Or will they simply let people sit inside their stores, without paying for anything, using their toilets and even using their free wifi, without so much as even buying a water?

Watch this space! As the plot thickens for Starbucks, since the virtue signalling liberal way they conducted themselves in response to this incident, knows no bounds.


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