Jewish Male Attacked by Arabic Man in Berlin for Being Jewish

In Angela Merkel’s Germany, there’s a growing disparity in safety for all, especially for Jewish people, since Angela Merkel let in Muslim migrants by the millions, as part of the corrupt European Union agenda, which continues to show more and more cracks of a failing society, that continues to side with these new migrants above already domesticated citizens.

This is nothing new, and it has been seen in Germany, Sweden and France, where this refugee and the more so “welcome all economic migrants” ideology has posed a threat for Jewish people, and just about everyone else. The migrant influx has caused social uproar, increasing racial divides, a rise in crime, rape and violence, plus plenty of no-go zones across lots of cities, that are no longer considered safe. This can be attributed to the disastrous migration policy of EU politicians and the philosophy of open borders by socialist governments, fraught with political correctness and economic handouts, in return for votes, such as in Angela Merkel’s Germany. Despite their certain cultural differences and innate beliefs not even fitting into a western society, which gives them the well known name of unassimilated muslim migrants.

That brings us to this horrible attack that’s conducted by a young Arabic man in Berlin, who proceeds to attack two Jewish people solely for wearing kippas in public, and for also being Jewish. Yes, even though Angela Merkel has since condemned the attack, this is surely the multiculturalism that the mother of all migrants would’ve hoped for, right?

Adam Armush, 21, says he and a friend were walking down the street wearing kippas, when three Arabic men shouted at them, “Yahudi!” which is Arabic for “Jew.”

Before one of the three men, proceeded to attack them with his belt, in a shocking anti-semitic attack, which has enraged Germans to the core.  The video published by Bild, took place in Helmholtzplatz, a public park in southern Berlin near Adam’s home, who said to Israeli Broadcaster KAN, “We came out of our home, my friend and I, wearing our kippas, and walked down the street. We weren’t talking with anyone else,”

“When they kept cursing us, my friend asked them to stop cursing, and that got them angry. So one of them ran at me. I immediately felt it was important to film, because I didn’t think we could catch him before police arrived. I wanted to give police something to go on.”

Mr. Armush, 21, says he and a friend were attacked for wearing kippas in public in southern Berlin on Tuesday. Credit: Twitter

The video has now been handed to the German police who are investigating the attack, which occurred on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018. Levy Salomon of the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism said in social media post, along with the attached video, “It is incomprehensible to see a young Jewish man attacked on the street in an established area of Berlin, just because he is identified as a Jew.”

“It shows Jews are not safe even here. We don’t need any more speeches, we need actions.”

So, when will the people of Germany wake up, and when will Angela Merkel do something about the burgeoning problems of these migrants in the nation?  That’s a good question…

We’re sure the attacker might get a symbolic slap on the wrist, with added cultural integration classes, maybe even be shown sympathy because he just doesn’t know any better. Perhaps he’ll be given an even a bigger apartment or even more state money per month. Since in his culture, it’s okay to beat up or want to kill Jews, right? That’s the socialist rhetoric and philosophy, and that’s the way that modern day democratic socialism works, you see? However, let’s hope it’s jail time for this unassimilated thug! In order to prove a point…


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Featured Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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