‘Far Cry 5’: A Very Apt Review

This weekend, we thought we needed to look into a game that almost released one month ago, called ‘Far Cry 5‘, since we really needed to entertain ourselves, and Ubisoft’s latest instalment to the series did not disappoint. In fact, we were a bit “shotgun blast” blown away by how much fun and addictive the game really was, not to mention how hugely vast the game landscape is. Whoa! Plus, it’s a truly cinematic game, with a story that’s somehow relevant to the current affairs and situations happening in the real world, albeit, flipped around some 360 degrees or so…

Now we’re ashamed to say this, but we hadn’t played the previous games of Far Cry, so we were definitely in for a pleasant surprise and we have now jumped onto the bandwagon in classing this latest game, as a gem in the brush, quite literally.

Here’s a short synopsis of the game: You’re a rookie member of the Sheriff’s department that embarks on a journey to put the Christian cult leader, Joseph Seed, in handcuffs and bring the charismatic cult leader to justice for his evil preachings. However, the arrest goes wrong, when the helicopter crashes in Hope County, Montana, and thus, you’re stranded in this epic wilderness, fraught with irate cult members, cougars, wolves, bears, snakes, skunks, deer and everything but the kitchen sink. You and whoever you can get to tag along are tasked to bring down the cult of Eden’s Gate. Sounds like fun, right? Plus, sounds a bit scary and intimidating as well…

Enjoy travelling a beautiful open world in this first person shooter adventure . Credit: Android Central

Well, taking down some sickening cult, sort of mirrors the current political landscape, where patriots of the USA emerge and demand their country back from the depths of hell, but this game is an entirely different story, but should not be overlooked by any means.

So far, we’ve only played the campaign mode or the “main game”, but we understand there’s a whole wide online world available, where no doubt, this game will be even more frightening as you roam in an open world 1st person free for all, using your stealth tactics and weapons to stay alive.

Yes, this 1st person shooter game never gets boring, and with the playability of vehicles, whether it be driving with three wheeled dirt bikes, cars, tractors, or flying over the dense woodland with helicopters and planes, you can feel the grit and dirt of the roads fly up from the traction as a result, making this game an all immersive sensation. Whether on foot or inside the confines of a chopper, Far Cry 5 takes you right there!

As we’ve seen so far, there’s three regions in Hope County that you have to liberate and take back from the evil Seed family, and so to put in perspective, the playable map is absolutely massive, with more cult members than you can shake a stick at.

The Eden’s Gate cult are a force to be reckoned with, until you eliminate them, compound by compound. MAGA! Credit: IGN

The controls of the game are simple and familiar, so mastering the art of shooting people dead, sneaking around, and driving vehicles comes as no great task, but when you’re faced with taking down the next enclave of crazed Christian radicals in a farm or church, with surely inspiration taken from David Koresh in Waco, Texas, as a seed of evil, well then… Do you have the patriotism to liberate the town and rid the county of these sick sectarian cult members, all on your own doing?

That remains to be seen, but you can ask the liberated hostages to join your fight, giving you a CPU companion in order to take the cult down, by the hire and arrow left-moving action, making sure that you’re not the only freedom fighter that will take on these brainwashed and dangerous cult members, before you proceed to kill them all, in the name of ‘MERICA!

So there you have it! A very apt review for you from Far Cry 5.  Now we wouldn’t rave about it if it really wasn’t the bee’s knees, now would we? Oh yeah, just a tip – beware of the killer bee’s in-game, amongst other dangerous creatures lurking around in the wilderness.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Far Cry 5 and have it delivered straight to your door from the Amazon links below! You won’t be disappointed. Soon you’ll be red pilled into joining the resistance to this sickening cult, as we’ve already been by now. Happy gaming everyone!


Story by The Narrator

Brainstain Game Rating: 90% out of 100%

Featured Photo Credit: Xbox

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