Strange Unexplainable Circular Formations Appear in the Arctic

Whenever you see circular shapes appear from out of nowhere, normally there is some sort of rational explanation, like staring into the light for too long or worse, the after effects of a nasty ketamine binge, but when huge circles suddenly materialize in the middle of the Arctic, well… that sh*t is pretty baffling.

It was just a casual chilly afternoon in the Arctic with penguins plodding around and minding their own business, when NASA stumbled across never-before-seen circular shapes in the ice, which have left scientists across the world scratching their heads in bewilderment, as well as wanting some answers, and needing them very quickly.

Earlier this month, during Operation IceBridge, an airborne mission annually flown over both polar regions, made its flight and observed these strange circles, with mission scientist John Sonntag reporting that the formations were “something he had never seen before.”

Credit: Twitter

The mysterious circles, which resemble almost amoeba shaped holes in the ice formation of the sea, have left many scientists puzzled and conspiracy theorists wondering just how they even got there. Scientist John Sonntag said, “We saw these sorta-circular features only for a few minutes today. I don’t recall seeing this sort of thing elsewhere.”

During Sonntag’s research, they concluded that the sea ice was young and growing, within what was once a long, linear area of open water or lead.

Don Perovich, an ice geophysicist of Dartmouth College said, “The ice is likely thin, soft and mushy and somewhat pliable. This can be seen in the wave-like features in front of the middle ‘amoeba.'”

As of now, there are no direct answers as to what caused them to appear. While liberal leftists want to blame Donald Trump for global warming (idiots!), the more likely answer is what other scientists believe, which is a left to right motion in the top right of the ice, evidenced by the “finger rafting” pattern. Finger-rafting occurs when two pieces of floating ice sheets collide, causing blocks of ice to slide above and below each other, resulting in a pattern that looks like interlocking fingers.

Others seem to suggest that the holes in the ice could have been made by seals gnawing at the ice, to create a surface for them to breath, a theory which has even been backed up by NASA. Erm.. say whut?! Clearly there’s only one explanation, and that’s alien spacecraft, landing or taking off from underneath the ice sheets, perhaps.

Maybe, this is the real answer? Well, there are those rumours of aliens in the Antarctic, at least… Credit: DailyStar

Whilst world scientists remain stumped about the origins of the strange holes and come up with questionable theories, Twitter users were of course quick to offer up their own alternative theories for the amoeba like shapes in the ice.

“Hard to tell the scale, but perhaps whales surfacing to breathe?’” questioned one user.

While others were a little bit more extra-terrestrial in their speculation. “I’m not saying aliens, but, come on…’”

Image result for aliens meme gif

Credit: Giphy

Not one’s to normally jump on the conspiracy bandwagon (cough!), we here at Brainstain carried out our own very serious internal investigation of the shapes, and now have come to the globalist conclusion that it was almost certainly, allegedly and presumably something to do with Russia, with them probably dumping the remains of old enemy spies through those circles as a Vladimir Putin styled burial ritual or something… HA! (we make ourselves laugh!)

Anyway, have you got a hunch as to what the origination of these peculiar Arctic circles could be? Could there be a simple and rational explanation for them, or are there even more celestial forces at work here? (X-Files jingle begins)

Let us know in the comment section down below. Just don’t work yourself up running around in circles or anything like that (pun intended.)


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Sputnik News

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