London Restaurant Denies Racism Accusations by UK Singer Raye

R&B singer Raye has recently accused a London restaurant of racism after they had denied entry to her black friend due to his attire, and were turned away from entering the world famous dining establishment.

The restaurant, named The Ivy Chelsea Garden, has denied Raye’s claim, and say that her friend was refused entry because he was wearing “non-smart casual clothing”. However, Raye says that her white, female friend was wearing shorts and trainers, the same as her other friend, and was still allowed into the restaurant. The restaurant claim this was a “mistake” on their part.

Raye posted a video on her Instagram, saying: “We’re not coming back to the Ivy again, it’s disgusting, it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s racist.”

The restaurant say some of the singer’s group were “not thought to be dressed appropriately”, and that it was “nothing to do with racism.”


Following the accusations, the restaurant released a statement on their behalf: “The dress code for our restaurant is smart casual. We are sorry that this was not made clear on our website and other channels and this ambiguity has now been rectified.”

“The Ivy Chelsea Garden takes all allegations of racism extremely seriously and we will make sure that our dress code is explained to all guests so that this confusion does not happen again.”

The restaurant also claimed it had no specific dress code, but that its guests “generally are smart casual”. It describes itself as “sophisticated yet approachable”, as well as “casual yet polished.”

R&B singer Raye, says The Ivy are “racist” over the incident with her friend not being let in.  Source: London In Stereo

Before the incident, Raye says she was a regular at The Ivy Chelsea Gardens. “The guy who was meant to be meeting us called me and was like: ‘I’m so sorry but they’re not letting me in.” she said. She also claims there were plenty of others in there who were also dressed casually, so what was wrong with her friend’s outfit exactly?

“If your laws and rules are smart casual then you enforce that on everybody, white and black. You don’t pick and choose.” Raye told BBC Newsbeat.

“I was honestly so upset, beyond words. We need to make light and make a fuss when these situations are happening because this happens all too much and it goes under the radar and nobody does anything about it.”

Has anyone ever visited The Ivy Chelsea Gardens before, and are they really as choosey with guests attire as Raye really claims? Or was it just a case of bad luck on that particular outfit for that day? We most definitely wish we could see the outfit in question, don’t you? Let us know your thoughts and any further information in the comments section down below.


<Story by Emily Clark>

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