Swedish Woman Who Campaigned Against Migrant Deportation is Raped by Migrants

Well, the headline really says it all, in yet another rape statistic of the overall reality of mass immigration into Sweden after the seemingly EU sponsored migrant influx, which has caused the Islamic rape culture epidemic to rise to unbelievable levels in the Scandinavian country, since the migrant influx began back in early 2015.

A truly sad story here, but one that has some form of justice for once, as a woman in her 40’s had met two Afghani teenagers, both 18 years old, outside a hotel bar in the sleepy southern town of Ljungby. She took an interest in the two migrants as they said they were from Afghanistan, then she told them that she was a member of a Facebook group that campaigned against the deportation of migrants from Sweden.

After having a brief conversation with them on Boxing Day last year, Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari invited the woman back to their apartment to have a drink, and the woman naively agreed to join them at their apartment. The apartment was provided to them by the government for unaccompanied migrants, where she arrived at around 3:30am. After smoking a few cigarettes with the pair, she said that she tripped and hit her head on something and thus laid down on a mattress on the floor, after feeling dizzy.

She said that Hassani began to touch her body, and once he did, she pushed him away and said, “I don’t want to, I don’t want to.”

The crime took place in the accommodation provided for unaccompanied minor refugees. Credit: Google

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears as Hassani then laid on top of her and pulled down her jeans, and told her to be quiet several times as he started to rape her. When she began screaming in protest, they didn’t listen to her. Fardi Hesari told police in the interrogations, that Hassani had turned to him and asked him in Farsi, “Aren’t you going to rape?”

This prompted Hesari to join them on the mattress and proceeded to touch her breasts while masturbating next to her, when suddenly Hassani anally penetrated her, causing excruciating pain for the woman, and only once her loud screams were extremely audible to other residents, did Hassani stop.

The two teenagers reportedly helped to put her clothes back on, and she was able to grab her jacket and boots, before running out of the apartment.

According to the victim, immediately after that, Hassani ran after her and yelled that he’d like to take her out to dinner, but the woman walked off and called an ambulance instead.

Hassani reportedly wondered why the woman came home with them if she didn’t want sex.

Witnesses, including medical staff at Växjö Hospital, where the woman arrived shortly after 7am, described the woman as “very shocked”, as well as being in an “acute state of crisis.”

In a police statement after the rape, the woman had told police that she had told the Afghani teenagers that, “when others have thought that they [migrants] should go home again, she was opposed that.”

The woman had met the two teenagers outside a hotel bar in Ljungby, Sweden. Credit: Daily Mail

The victim said that she had been struggling to sleep and suffered from mental health issues following the rape. Växjö District Court found Hassani guilty of rape, and sentenced him to just 15 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay the victim 134,990SEK, which is equivalent to £11,326 in compensation. After his time has been served, Hassani will be deported and banned from returning to Sweden for ten years.

Fardi Hesari admitted to sexual molestation, and was handed a three-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay 23,990SEK, equivalent to £2,013 in compensation.

Surprisingly and justly so, (perhaps even ironically), what she had thought earlier about migrants prior to the incident, of how they shouldn’t be deported after their crimes, really came back full circle after she herself was raped, actually resulting in the man to be eventually deported himself.

This is most definitely a step in the right direction for Sweden, after the socialist indoctrination of most people by the media, that are very naive and brainwashed into believing that the liberal agenda of open borders, and all migrants should be welcomed, despite cultural differences so vast, that it begs the question, can all migrants really be welcomed?

This is the effects of the moronic socialist ideology of very easily influenced people over State television, fuelling this idiocy of the benefit of migrants, many of whom don’t work, and now Sweden has to raise it’s retirement age to pay for them, plus increase taxes. Credit: AFP/GettyImages

Yes, growing animosity in Sweden proves that Swedish nationals demand the deportation of migrant criminals, instead of more socialist handouts and a right to stay, despite committing rapes and other crimes without punishment.

People are finally waking up in Sweden, albeit very, very slowly, since Sweden was not the rape capital of the world until the European Union socialist agenda of letting in unassimilated and uneducated Islamic migrants by the hundreds of thousands into their country. This migrant influx commenced in late 2014 or early 2015, and hasn’t stopped since.

Many socialist politicians, the government, and the people in power (not for much longer, everyone hopes), have a lot to answer for, since thousands of rapes have been un-investigated by police. Thousands upon thousands of women have been left without a voice, and been vilified by their own country, when it comes to them being raped.

This rape case is by no means the only one, plus it is rather a tame one in comparison to the various other un-investigated rapes and unreported rapes in Sweden.

This leaves us wondering, do some of these migrants, within their culture, see raping as a god given right? Or do they actually know what they’re doing is wrong and against the law? Do they simply just not care? This question needs to be asked, because Sweden was by no means the rape capital of the world until refugees and mostly economic migrants entered into their country.

Jimmie Åkesson has previously said, “Stay away, refugees, Sweden is full” Credit: TheLocalSweden

The Swedish election for new leadership takes place on September 9th, 2018, and the Swedish Democrats, led by Jimmie Åkesson, are reportedly becoming favourites for the win, after people have become fed up with the lies about the benefits of open borders, socialist handouts, and the systemic socialist liberal ideology being indoctrinated upon the people, that has very much plagued the nation.

All of this is evident by the huge rises in crime, rape, murder, drugs and violence, since Sweden welcomed all migrants and refugees into their nation, which has also been emphasised by the growing number of no-go zones across Sweden, where even the police refuse to go into.

Perhaps, a change and a great public awakening will bless Sweden soon. Hopefully, this rape case will be a landmark ruling for further deportations of non-Swedish nationals that commit serious crimes in the country after having arrived during the migrant influx.


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Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Daily Express

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