Woman Cuts Off Man’s Penis With Garden Shears

The penis is a delicate thing. Sensitive to the slightest touch, vilified by radicalised feminists, and was once cited as the reason for an impending nuclear holocaust with North Korea over the size of missile launch buttons, as perpetuated by the liberal mainstream media machine, which of course Donald Trump had in control all along. 

*WARNING: Do not read if you are squeamish, sensitive or do not want nightmares for the rest of your life*

The male genitalia is every man’s pride and joy, so how would you react if it was chopped off in a fit of rage with garden tool by an irate girlfriend? This was the case in Argentina when Brenda Barattini, 26, chopped off her boyfriend’s manhood for allegedly sharing a sex tape of the couple without her consent.

The face of a sadistic criminal psychopath, please take a mental note, regardless of these circumstances. Credit: Mandatory

Brenda said that she carried out the attack because her partner Sergio Fernandez, 40, had circulated the sex tape amongst his friends. We dread to think how she would’ve reacted, and what additional body parts she would have chopped off if he had uploaded it onto Pornhub… Shudder! Then they both would have been locked up for a crime. However, as it stands, Sergio now has a serious injury in his private area.

According to reports, he lost roughly 90% of his penis in the attack in Nueva Corboda, Argentina, in November 2017. She has since been incarcerated ahead of the trial following her arrest, and rightly so.

Sergio Fernandez after the attack by Brenda. Credit: Metro

However, Brenda insists that she only ‘injured’ him and is adamant she did not actually cut it off. Despite him currently missing about 90% of his man-hood. Speaking from her jail cell she told a local reporter, “I cut his penis but not completely; I injured him. It wasn’t complete; I injured him. They didn’t find the video, I don’t know what happened.”

She went onto further claim that she didn’t “injure” him just for the hell of it and that there was a local reason and justification for her actions as he had “emotionally” and “psychologically” scarred her.

Yeah… we think that having your private parts brutally sliced off is slightly more psychologically damaging, than whatever psychotic Brenda claims to have happened to her.

“I left to ask for help. I did not want anything to happen to him, besides, I was afraid of the blood” she told the reporter.

Well, at least she was considerate enough to ask for help after mangling him, right? This sends out a warning for anyone dating somebody called Brenda, or even looks like this woman.

The scene of the crime in Nueva Corboda. Credit: Metro

Lawyers of the mutilated and disfigured man said that it was a very dangerous and violent incident, and his client is depressed and miserable as he waits for crucial operations that still need to be carried out to save what is left of his penis after the horrendous attack.

His former girlfriend is currently serving imprisonment without bail ahead of her trial, and reportedly, has said she regrets her decision. Let’s hope that an example is made out of Brenda Barattini and that she will serve a long sentence for her despicable and brutal crime.

Well, if there is one thing that we can learn from this story is that a woman should never be allowed to handle a pair of garden shears ever again, especially when hormonal or slightly unhinged, which would in fact, make it illegal for women to even buy them.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Sick Chirpse

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