London’s Homicide Rate Sky Rockets Up 44% Under Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to virtue signal against President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in July and has encouraged protests against his visit, after making earlier remarks that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”. This earlier statement he made, was followed last spring with a string of terror attacks in London.

Fast forward to today, equally as concerning should be the crime statistics and uprise in crime that has hit London since Sadiq Khan became Mayor, with homicide rising by 44% in just a single year, which adds up to three or more people dying every week in the capital city.

At the end of December 2017 in England and Wales, stats recorded 39,598 knife offences, with a surge of stabbings and homicides in 2018 adding to the ever escalating figure. Most of which occur in London. On April 6th, six teenagers were stabbed within 90 minutes of one another in London, with the overall body count reaching 56 murders in less than a couple of months in the capital.

Bloodied clothes on the ground near the scene in Grove Road, Mile End. Credit: JOHN STILLWELL/PA

Sadiq Khan shouldn’t keep virtue signalling against Donald Trump’s visit, and instead solve the London crime epidemic. Donald Trump is actually somebody that’s well liked by the majority of the British public, so maybe Sadiq Khan should do something to address this spiralling homicide epidemic in London, as opposed trying to rally the people that are brainwashed by the mainstream media. That’s what a logical Mayor would do, however, Sadiq Khan has been quite silent on the issue of the murder rate being up 44%, robbery up 36%, knife crime up 21% and rape up 18.39%.

These statistics are not wholly being revealed by the mainstream news networks, but all in all, London feels like an entirely different city than it was a few years ago. Some have even suggested that Sadiq Khan is letting it all happen on purpose, so that he can blame it on the Tory party. Others meanwhile, blame social media and bad parenting, whilst plenty of others put it down to the huge influx of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants that have inhabited London since Sadiq Khan took over and subsequently let them in. London is now the acid attack capital of the world, beating out other countries in the Middle East.

Sadiq Khan needs to do something, since many people are now already wishing for his resignation over the out of control crime rate, which means that London is now more dangerous than New York City for the first time in history.

Sadiq Khan, the biggest failure in London. Credit: Viribus News

Nigel Farage has recently criticised Sadi Khan live on air, telling him to “get on with that” in reference solving London’s rising crime stats, as opposed to trying to cause protests to Donald Trump’s visit to London in July. Mind you, a President that has just gone on to cease the war in the Korean peninsula after 65 years, when nobody else could, has many people calling for Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, but Trump merely responded that, “Peace is the Prize.”

Meanwhile, what has Sadiq Khan done since he’s become Mayor? Apart from overseeing London becoming an out of control capital in crime, with criminal gangs and the lost youth becoming even more brazen in their robberies, and with their murders.

However, Sadiq Khan did introduce the vehicle toxin charge, another way to get people to part with their money without any environmental results, so one could say that he has been up to something.

We wonder when Sadiq Khan will take responsibility for the escalation of crimes in the capital and just when will he admit that he’s failed Londoners on crime?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: SXSW

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