Yodelling Walmart Kid Mason Ramsey Blows People Away with His New Hit Song ‘Famous’

Just over a month ago, you may recall the infamous Yodelling Kid at Walmart becoming one of 2018’s most famous memes after his performance of ‘Lovesick Blues’ went viral from a Walmart store in Southern Illinois, performing his rendition of the Hank Williams country classic.

Well, after his Walmart performance became a live action meme video, sort of like an old Vine, he went onto perform at his own concert at the same Walmart, then appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He even performed at Coachella this year, which is a big deal. That’s how fast a viral sensation like Mason Ramsey can rise to notoriety across the nation as a meme. Now, he’s come out with his first real song, and it’s becoming an instant hit because it’s a great song.

So to recap, let’s see the performance which started it all, which people had fast made into an Internet sensation, whilst others obviously saw his vocal talent, but some had singled it out for ridicule. It seems as though Mason Ramsey is the one having the last laugh now.

Quite an amazing vocal skill, we think. However, Mason Ramsey has been singing since he was three years old. At four years old, Mason sang for Josh Turner at the Carson Center, and the following year, opened up for Gene Watson. When he was six years old, Mason learnt how to play the guitar, and at age seven, he sang with Kenny Rogers on a Christmas TV show. Those are some very impressive achievements. Perhaps then it shouldn’t come as any surprise to those that knew this already, that he would already have his own hit song at age 11. The difference is that not many people actually knew this history about Mason Ramsey, the Walmart Yodel Kid, so let’s take a look at his new song, written by himself, as far as we know. It’s definitely quite something to behold.

Now whether you like country music or not, there’s no denying that this young kid has a ton of talent, and this song will no doubt be a chart climber, with such romantic lyrics such as “If I’m gonna be famous for somethin’. I wanna be famous for lovin’ you“, making everyone almost yearn for a real love story of their own.

The song ‘Famous’ by Mason Ramsey, released on April 26th, already has 3.7 million views on YouTube and is escalating rapidly, which also proves that romance and chivalry definitely isn’t dead.

When we first heard Mason sing that infectious ‘Lovesick Blues’ version at Walmart, we were intrigued, and we weren’t surprised that it went viral, but now that we heard his new song, we’re also not be surprised if it reaches number 1 on the charts in due time. A truly great country song.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Business Insider

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