What is Fake News and What Does News Brainwashing Look Like?

In the current news climate of mainstream news channels, like CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC and even Sky News, and plenty of other news channels, both local and international, the peddling of fake news in order to form your opinions via the elite narrative is already more than well exposed. But, clueless people are still engaging in the fear mongering false news, like the sheep public that they truly are, finding comfort in pretending to know what’s going on, as is told to them by the mainstream fake news networks, in order to sound intelligent in their own heads and when sharing with friends. That’s the modern day liberal in a nutshell. Clueless…

Yes, in mind control, this is the art of repetition until people or the flock of sheep (or worse in entertainment circles), soak it in and always believe what they’re hearing is true, and never has this been more apparent than since Donald Trump won the election. The elite narrative against President Donald Trump is the real fake news, but it has warped the minds of most people, but not us, but most people, since they’re not free thinkers…

Fake news is everywhere! Can you tell the difference? Credit: BT.com

However, many people have finally begun to wake up to the effervescent amount of fake news, after President Donald Trump was elected, since the mainstream media bias is eventually inescapable even to the dumbest of minds. So, to counteract this waking up of the people, the fake mainstream news channels, invented the term “fake news” and pointed it at the alternative news media, which you can find online in this age of information. Thus, fooling most people on the same intelligence level as sheep, who are unable to perform critical thinking and their own research. So, let’s now take a look at a video emphasising the perpetual mainstream news media’s brainwashing machine, shall we?

In fact, the alternative news media is the new real news, whilst the mainstream media, with their news broadcaster shills, and paid to say journalists (teleprompter readers), spew out lies to perpetuate a false narrative to dish out their agenda to the clueless masses. Yes, a great deal of the time, it’s fake news. This is brainwashing 101, and mind you, we’re Brainstain, and we bring you entertainment, current affairs, amongst other awakening information to battle against this epidemic of turning people into a flock of sheep.

The mainstream media manipulation to brainwash, has warped people against Donald Trump, but his support is massive across the world (but they won’t say it!), and the great awakening is upon us, since big corporations and special interests really control the mainstream news. But, who controls the big corporations? Do your research!

However, Donald Trump is in fact, for the people and so when you bash Trump and believe in the negative mainstream news narrative on him, then you’re ultimately being fooled. So, the jokes really on your feeble minds…

President Donald Trump knows his fake news from his real news. Credit: The Daily Banter

It currently isn’t about left or right, but it’s about good vs evil, and the mainstream news media is controlled by a higher power, and they have shown themselves to be the latter.

We get the feeling that there’s so many good things to come (real news!), yet with most of the population still very clueless, as to what’s really happening and to that of the great evil in this world, which the mainstream media are also doing a fine job in covering up, it just may take some more time before these last people finally do wake up…

However, experts say that a lot of shocking news will come out soon, which will even wake up the grandest of sheep in the world’s existence. Maybe, even those that watch CNN religiously and believe in it all, may wake up one day. Yes, we’re really talking the dumbest people that are out there.

Anderson Cooper from CNN, the biggest fake news source around, 360 degrees of warped Trump rhetoric . Credit: CNN

So, we’re glad to have been on the side of waking people up, for a very long time now, and it sure is funny, that a large proportion of people are still warped by the mainstream news media. Perhaps, it’s not their fault, that they’re unable to think for themselves and to really see beyond the fake mainstream news. Alas, we digress…

For more real honest and fun news, follow us, plus follow Donald Trump’s twitter and follow the growing alternative news media, to get some unapologetic facts, and a slice of real news, that the mainstream news channels just won’t cover.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: LegalZoom

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