Adidas Won’t Drop Kanye West Amidst Social Justice Warrior Petition

Well, well, well, social justice warriors from the deranged liberal fleet, had signed a petition to get Adidas to drop Kanye West amidst the so-called controversies about his support of Donald Trump, his views on the mental slavery and the media manipulation/brainwashing onto the masses, keeping them in a mental prison. However, in good news, Adidas have gone one better and stated that they are sticking with Kanye West.

Phew! Thank goodness they did, otherwise, we would have had to burn all our Adidas gear, and never buy anything they ever made, ever again. Kanye West who designs his Yeezy shoe collection through Adidas, have said that he won’t be dropped by the German brand, amidst his epic interviews, that have seen Trump’s support double with African-Americans in one week alone.

Kanye West has professed his love for the American President and said, “That’s my boy.”

Adidas CEO and chief, Kasper Rorsted, distanced himself from Kanye’s comments but said that the brand have no intention of removing him from the company as a designer. Kasper said, “There clearly are some comments we don’t support.”

Some Adidas Yeezy Boost 350’s. Credit: Flight Club

But, Adidas are smart enough not to jump on the liberalist derangement bandwagon of butthurt social justice warriors, and instead continue to be the brand that they are, without having to remove Kanye West.

Let’s just say, if they do remove Kanye West for his first amendment rights, then we for one, and millions of others, would never buy anything from Adidas ever again.

Kanye West’s appearance on TMZ this week was epic, and it opened up lots of debate, and if you would watch the whole interview in its entirety, instead of what the mainstream media are showing you, which are edits to make Kanye look out of touch and crazy, then you’d realise that Kanye is actually opening up people’s minds and is fighting against the biased mainstream media and their manipulation tactics, in making people think and believe in their single narrative.

Kanye West ranting about Beyoncé and Jay Z. Credit: USA Today

Kanye West tweeted this about Yeezy, last week, which puts a lot into perspective.

Kanye West, 40, has now travelled to Wyoming with Kim Kardashian, 37, to get away from all the media noise, whilst Kanye finishes off his new album, yet to be titled, and which will come out on May 25th. This will be an album that we’ll most definitely be looking into upon release.

Meanwhile, the butthurt mob of liberally indoctrinated dumbbells, many of whom are still stuck on the plantation of Democratic racial divides, have started their own radio ban on Kanye’s music. Radio stations such as HOT 97, who boast a barrage of unclever DJs that discuss topics which help to splay the racial division agenda of the left, have recently tweeted the following:

Ebro in the Morning, let’s face it, isn’t the smartest show or brightest bulb in the music tree, but there you have it! Listening to their clear disdain for Kanye’s comments on bringing people together, shows that they are in a mental prison and wish to brainwash that ideology for many years longer onto their listeners, rather than respect Kanye’s freedom of speech and hear what he has to say.

Which all in all, says a lot more about Hot 97, than it does about Kanye West. However, we don’t believe that Kanye will need radio airplay from Ebro, who’s showing signs of being more of a child than an adult on this issue, by banning him, at this point.

Luckily, Adidas knew better than to succumb to a social justice warrior petition to oust Kanye’s business with the footwear brand.

Additionally, Hot 97, as a result, may now have fewer listeners, since they are deciding to ban Kanye West’s music.

Oh, and can we just say that Snoop Dogg, 45, is terribly lame at this point, and should be ashamed of himself for acting like he’s a teenager instead of a grown man, in trying to be the authority figure of opposition against Kanye West… Sad.


Brainstain, over and out!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Daily Wire

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