New Bill & Ted Film In The Making After Nearly 30 Years

Remember the cheesy, decadent, but charming 1989 film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? The film followed two goofy, but lovable teenage friends as they go on a journey through time so that they can get an A in their history report.

Not long after, we got the sequel – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and now, nearly thirty years on, a third adventure is finally in the making.

Actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters will reprise their old roles as Theodore “Ted” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esquire in Bill & Ted Face The Music.

While rumours and speculations of a third film had been going around the Internet for some time, it is only recently that is has been officially confirmed, when producers announced the sequel at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. Alex Winters also tweeted out to fans: “We’re tuning the air guitars. #BT3”. We only have one thing to say to that – excellent!

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The original writers of the franchise, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, will also be returning to the sequel, and it will be directed by Dean Parisot.

We don’t know much about the film’s plot yet, but according to reports, the film will follow Bill and Ted struggling with family responsibilities now that they’re middle-aged. The pair was also supposed to write “the greatest song ever” but have seemingly failed to do so, and while they’ve written thousands of songs, they’ve not yet written a good one. To make matters even worse, a visitor from the future warns them that the fate of the world relies on them writing this song, and that only their music can save the world. With the help of their daughters, new historical figures and music legends, the duo set out on another excellent adventure to write the song that they desperately need to save the world.

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In talking about the third in the trilogy, both actors said: “We couldn’t be more excited to get the whole band back together again. Chris and Ed wrote an amazing script, and with Dean at the helm, we’ve got a dream team.”

Whilst it’s still early days with this one, we’re hoping to see a trailer released sometime soon, as it would be fun and interesting to see how much life has really changed for the awesome duo.

But what are your thoughts on this third part in the story, thirty years later? Do you think it will be as excellent as the first, or a totally bogus idea? We think it might be a “most excellent” film, but do also let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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