Stormy Daniels Is Part of the Sex Trafficking Cult NXIVM

Stormy Daniels, the ageing porn star who’s clearly a paid Democratic leftist hero amongst the liberally deranged set, with her garnering about as much credibility as a Russian “anal” probe conducted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel, has been hiding something from the public. This new information surely comes to nobody’s surprise (though it’s a shocker for the left), as it completely derails any legitimacy of Daniels’ claims of an affair with Donald Trump in 2006.

NXIVM has clear links to the Clinton Foundation, with child sex trafficking being the despicable operations that link the two together, which isn’t being reported on in the mainstream media. However, further damning evidence to support this claim is the revelation that Hillary Clinton accepted $30,000 in donations from NXIVM.

NXIVM gave $30k to Hillary Clinton, and Stormy (acting on the part of NXIVM) was sent in to try and derail the sex trafficking investigation. Credit: Single Dude Travel

On March 14th, more than a dozen donations came into the Clinton Foundation from Keith Raniere affiliations, to the tune of multiple maximum donations of $2,300 from political donors. These latest revelations come off the back of the arrest of Norman Hsu, who raised $1.5 million in campaign contributions for the Clinton’s and from Democrats over the years, even though he was technically a fugitive on the run from fraud charges in California.

Hsu was involved in a pyramid scheme of fraud, tied into the Clinton’s since the 2008 Democrat election, who also has ties to Keith Raniere, who ran a $30 million multilevel marketing business that fell apart after federal agencies and regulators in 23 states alleged it was an illegal pyramid scheme. Norman Hsu (currently imprisoned) managed to attract Raniere and NXIVM to the table, so could Hsu have been the expert who taugh Raniere and the Clinton’s how to defraud in Ponzi type schemes? We believe so…

The Stormy Daniels narrative is being exposed and new revelations of a link to NXIVM has arrived. Credit: NewYorkPost

Plus, why all the interrelation of corrupt political donations if child sex trafficking wasn’t also intertwined into this scandal? Just the key words of defrauding, Ponzi schemes, multiple political donations, NXIVM, as well as child sex trafficking allegations, would set off alarm bells in anyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, the sleazy Michael Avenatti who’s heading the $130,000 case of Stormy VS Trump, has now been revealed to have committed tax fraud alongside actor Patrick Dempsey for Tully’s Coffee, after being served a $5 million liens by the IRS in March, forcing the beverages chain to close down its stores. Read more about that here.

Now let’s get to the juicy part, and that’s that Stormy Daniels was and is member of NXIVM, the sex cult! She even tweeted this out many years ago, upon her imminent initiation into the cult. Let’s see her tweet in these Instagram slides, shall we?

Indeed, in 2010, Stormy Daniels tweeted out “I think I am about to be initiated into a gang…. or maybe it’s a cult. Lol”

Stormy Daniels even went as far as replying to the furore after it exploded on the Internet, trying to distance herself from being apart of the NXIVM cult. Please click below to see the tweet string.

This new information about Stormy Daniels being part of the NXIVM sex trafficking cult, which was masqueraded by Keith Raniere as a women’s help group, and was filled with sex slaves recruited by Allison Mack, is being exposed.

NXIVM’s links to child sex trafficking with the Clinton’s and the Rothschilds’ families has already been revealed, and it is damning evidence, suggesting that Stormy Daniels could have just been a pawn for the Clinton’s, as well as potentially Keith Raniere, to try to stop Donald Trump in his tracks in his efforts to shut down adult and child sex trafficking rings.

However, that didn’t work, and now Keith Raniere and Allison Mack face serious time in prison, plus, the Clinton’s links to child sex trafficking grows and grows. Whilst Stormy Daniels denied being a member of NXIVM, and said it was photoshopped, people aren’t taking her word for it. Let’s see now some up close and personal pictures to refresh her memory of her branding, a staple of the NXIVM cult, alongside her 2010 tweet. This should put it all beyond a shadow of a doubt for all to see.

The women of NXIVM were branded with Keith Raniere and sometimes Allison Mack’s initials by use of laser. Credit: Frank Parlato/Frank Report

The women who joined NXIVM had to have sex with Keith Raniere, as did the others who joined the sister subsidiaries of Jness and DOS (master of slave women), where women were often locked up in cages, sexually abused, starved on diets, and in some cases used for human testing, namely being forced to watch videos of rape and snuff films, to gauge their sensitivity and allegiance.

All of this has been coming to light as more information comes out about Raniere and Mack of NXIVM in their future case. However, with child sex trafficking very much being involved inside the cult as well as the realm of leftist politics, Stormy Daniels’ reputation is even further tarnished. She’s was already branded by 2010, before she made this elaborate tattoo to cover it.

Credit: Reddit

Could Stormy Daniels have been funded by the left to make up false claims about Trump, so as to stop his digging into the Clinton Foundation’s links to the NXIVM child sex trafficking ring?

Stormy Daniel says that it’s a medical scar, but doctors don’t normally incise with the letter K, do they? Credit: Reddit

Did Stormy Daniels have a sexual relationship with Keith Raniere? We would bank on it, and with her propensity for her to have sex easily, as well as being a member of NXIVM, Raniere would be one of her good friends, along with Allison Mack, unless of course she later left the cult, which – while is entirely possible – her KR scar remains.

So there you have it! Less than six degrees of separation links Stormy Daniels to sex trafficking and pedophilia, which will be a bitter blow to deranged liberals everywhere who only believe what CNN says, which makes them encompass the Trump hating and clueless stereotype that’s falling apart by the wayside as well as being exposed more every day for being extremely non-intelligent people who are brainwashed, and are also indirectly advocates for pro-pedophilia, political corruption, and lastly, fraud.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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