Famous Belgian Clown Becomes Killer Clown

Now for some ominous and creepy news, which has us feeling very unsettled. This might just be the second killer clown after John Wayne Gacy, that preyed on little boys in his serial killer spree in America. Belgian clown Kevin Lapeire, 31, has shown similar sadistic criminal comparisons to Wayne Gacy with his sickening acts of murder.

Kevin Lapeire, also known as Clown Toni or Doctor Aspirin, who rose to fame after appearing on Belgium’s Got Talent, is accused and arrested on suspicion of murdering a 47-year-old woman known as Caroline D, and tying up her children, ages 12, 15 and 17 years old.

Credit: Metro

Apparently, the woman was his ex-girlfriend whom he murdered in front of the children. The children’s father told Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, “It’s too horrible, especially my children.”

The victim’s body was found in a garage by emergency services on Monday, after the murder. He broke into the Caroline’s house in Oudenburg on late Sunday night.

The local media in Belgium reports that Lapeire didn’t get along with Caroline’s teenage children, which led to their break up a few days earlier. Before the incident on Monday, Clown Tobi or Doctor Aspirin tried to recruit his clowning sidekick, Dietwin Haegeman, also known as Dietwin the Yodeller, to kill Caroline in a revenge attack on Belgium’s Mother’s Day, but he decided to do it himself. 

He has previously been awarded best clown in the Benelux countries. Credit: Metro

Mr. Lapeire reportedly told the children before killing their mother, “I’m no longer a clinic clown but a crimiclown. That’s how I’ll become famous.”

After he murdered her, he phoned the teenage kids school to inform them that they would all be late to class.

Kevin Lapiere said regarding his crime, “I’m a monster. I know that.”

These are clear signs of psychopathic behaviour, a man that’s obsessed with fame and notoriety, and taking pleasure out of killing, which reminds us of John Wayne Gacy and Pennywise from IT, to name a few.

Mr. Lapeire was live on Facebook before he surrendered. Credit: Metro

After the murder on Monday, Lapiere was found standing on a building roof, live streaming his stand-off with the police to garner a social media following over this callous murder. He later surrendered after a 4 hour standoff by pulling his sweater up over his head and raising his hands up in the air in surrender.

We wonder now how the teenagers will be affected by Kevin Lapiere’s psychotic murder of their mother, and if he will be given a life sentence?


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