Rihanna’s Stalker Charged for Breaking Into Her Home

Pop and R&B singer Rihanna recently had her home broken into by a suspected stalker. US prosecutors say he spent twelve hours inside her home before getting arrested.

The stalker, 27-year-old Eduardo Leon broke into Rihanna’s Los Angeles home on May 9th. He has been charged with stalking, first-degree residential burglary, vandalism and resisting arrest, but pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The suspect is accused of hopping a fence and entering her house (somehow disabling her alarm system on the way in) without permission, and is due to appear at the Foltz Criminal Justice Centre on Monday. If he is convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Fortunately for Rihanna, she was not in her home at the time of the incident. However, during those 12 hours that he was there, Leon reportedly unpacked a bag and started charging his phone. He stayed overnight at the singer’s house, and was found by her assistant the next day, who called the police. He also reportedly told the police that he had gone to the house to have sex with Rihanna, but claimed his plan was not to force her into doing so. Obviously we don’t know if this is true or not, but either way, Rihanna was lucky not to have face to face with her stalker.

Source: Elle

The situation is similar to another stalking incident involving Taylor Swift’s stalker just last month. The singer’s New York home was broken into by a stalker, who made himself at home by taking a shower, followed by a nap. Taylor also wasn’t home during the break in, but the stalker, 22-year-old Roger Alvarado, was arrested on charges of stalking, burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing – similar to the charges Leon currently faces.

Unfortunately, it’s not the fist time Taylor has been targeted by stalkers, as a 38-year-old man was arrested beforehand outside her Beverly Hills home for alleged stalking, as well as a homeless man trespassing the same property after trying to climb the wall and ignoring security guards telling him to leave.

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Leon’s bail has been set at $13,500, and the Los Angeles Police Department are still investigating more details in the case. Hopefully, Rihanna won’t be as unfortunate as Taylor Swift is with consistent stalkers, but of course, when there’s a female singer involved, you’re always going to hear a story about some bizarre stalker somewhere, aren’t you?

Perhaps jumping over the back garden fence, climbing a wall, or simply just sitting in your living room eating cereal, these stalkers are dangerous, and their behaviour keeps the police busy, once they overstep the boundaries.

Fame has an additional price if these stalker stories are anything to go by.


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