Sweden’s Migrants Recruited Into Islamic Youth Army by Gangs

In Sweden, the once liberal utopia of Scandinavia, which was the envy of many other countries years ago, for their great tax payer benefits, health care, quality of life, safety and peace, but nowadays the nation is much more renowned for migrant crime, hand grenades, rape, criminal gangs and in certain areas it even resembles a war zone, complete with burning cars, where gangs and migrants now congregate and rule without law.

To make matters worse, now prominent Swedish gangs in the ghettos are openly recruiting Islamic migrants into a life of crime, in order to serve in an ideological Islamic youth army, which has been disclosed in a Swedish court. Well, let’s be honest, since they are not seeking employment and they solely live off of socialist government state handouts. All of this migrant economic strain is now even crippling the health care system and it has already raised the retirement age to 65-years old, in order to pay for these migrants.

But now, in intercepted conversations between an anonymous criminal and a contact from the Bandidos, they were caught talking about how to groom Muslim refugees and migrants into their criminal network, to commit their crimes, as reported by Swedish Radio.

As if Sweden didn’t have enough migrant problems already, it looks like the “Open Borders” and “Welcome All Refugees” mentality, in this disastrous EU experiment, has gone beyond backfiring by now, to the point where it’s threatening the sovereignty of Sweden, both now and in the near future.

Mass migration and cultural enrichment seen here in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Credit: DailyMail

Breitbart.com, who heard the recording of the conversation, wrote from the transcript, “It is good. We can shape them. They become hyper-loyal, you know, when we put together a life for them” said the Bandidos gang member.

Police analyst Sven Granath said that typically Muslim migrants are rife as pickings for joining a ruthless gang, from the age of 18-years old onwards, even though, as scientific tests have already proven, the majority of migrants coming to Sweden during the influx from the Middle East and North Africa, were already proven to be much older than children. Yes, many lied at the border, about being children, so as to gain more benefits and sympathy from the government.

The situation in Sweden continues to get worse by the day in terms of crime and economic ramifications. Credit: Breitbart

Yes, and with the escalating rape epidemic in Sweden, which the government and media have been reluctant to share specific statistics on, for fear of being labelled “racists”, now proves what we all knew all along and that is that 85% of the rapes and gang rape crimes, were committed by men from migrant backgrounds.

Additionally, in the future if rape victims or victims of any crime, are victimized under an organised criminal syndicate like the Bandidos, then these victims will probably not report the crime, for fear of worse violence or even death.

This news comes as the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Brå) reveals that Sweden has reached its worst and highest level of reported crime cases and violent crime incidents since 2002, the first year that they began recording such statistics. Meaning that it’s worse than ever in Sweden and this shouldn’t come as any surprise, given the amount of illegal immigration and open borders mentality which has been so prevalent over the last five years, even garnering Sweden the title of “rape capital of the world.”

The horrific stories of people being sexually assaulted by migrants continues to grow. Credit: Red Ice

Moreover, in Sweden you’re more than double as likely to be shot and killed, than in any other European country, despite very tough gun laws.

Bosnian prosecutor Goran Glamocanin has said that liberal Sweden is now the number one black market location for weapons, due to high demand, with much of the guns arriving from the Balkans, and being distributed by criminal gangs, with Muslim migrants also in the marketplace for such weaponry. 

Even gang related public gun assassinations and drive by shootings are now, also not unheard of in Sweden, but it’s not only guns in Sweden, since grenades are also becoming extremely popular. This we have already seen, with numerous grenade attacks on police stations, plus that one outside a train station which killed one man in Stockholm.

Unsurprisingly a hand grenade only costs about a $100 on the black market, plus they will be given out as a bonus, when purchasing an illegal firearm on the black market.

The grenade attacks that took place in the summer of 2015 alone and have increased ever since. Credit: Facepunch Forums

A total of 43 grenade attacks were recorded in the year of 2017 alone, by simply having access to the military explosives, in about as easily as the equivalent of ordering a pizza for delivery.

Whilst Hungary, under President Viktor Orban stood up to the disastrous agenda of the EU and the migrant quotas, by refusing refugees and migrants to enter the country, Sweden did the opposite and are now suffering the vast consequences for their lack of foresight. Hungary keeps referencing Sweden as the prime example of the disastrous policy of letting in economic migrants and refugees.

Political correctness and the liberal extreme mentality on immigration fuelled by a socialist media and government, has played into the hands of the non-working benefit claiming migrants and refugees. But, it has also played into the hands of criminal gangs and syndicates, whom are the only groups of people set to benefit from this mass migration, and not Swedish citizens, by any means.

The migration office have been very busy in recent years, but now that’s hopefully set to change.
Credit: Adam Wrafter / SvD

The Swedish establishment have failed the country and the Swedish government have failed their people, by having pushed this liberal agenda and by being pro-immigration from mostly countries that cannot assimilate from the Muslim world. So, the government, the establishment and the media, will soon have to admit their massive failure to the whole nation,.

In Sweden, there’s ever growing Euro-scepticism now waking up even the average Swedish person, amidst the disastrous immigration results since the influx began, which has now even prompted the Swedish education minister in asking Hungary’s governing Fidesz party to stop referencing Sweden as a prime example of mass migration failure.

However, there could be light at the end of the tunnel, as there’s an election on September 9th, 2018, and the Swedish Democrat Party led by Jimmie Åkesson is growing in popularity as they speak to the real Swedish people who have many concerns and can still use their brains to think. Is Sweden beyond saving? No, it’s never too late to make a country better, with a new government in charge.

The Swedish hope Jimmie Åkesson of the Swedish Democrat party is growing his support base quickly amidst realisations on mass immigration. Credit: YouTube

People like George Soros, the EU, socialists and the corrupt left-wing politicians in Sweden, have to own up to their greed, lies and deception onto the Swedish people, for their own gain and come clean with this failing model of liberal socialist leftism, that’s ravaged Sweden to the core. Although, hopefully it’s not beyond repair.

Let’s hope that the Swedish people are wise enough to vote for the Swedish Democrats on September 9th of 2018, or the country will be well and truly finished in due time.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: BBC


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