Deadpool Fans Arrested At Gunpoint in Switzerland

A Deadpool superfan from Locarno, Switzerland, went to the movies yesterday dressed in full Deadpool costume, along with his best friend, to the premiere screening of Deadpool 2. Unfortunately for them, locals informed the police of a man carrying guns in public, under the pretence that it was a terror attack and that he looked highly suspicious, which resulted in both men getting arrested at gunpoint.

Such has been the vast amount of hype surrounding the Deadpool sequel that Allesandro Botta, 28, and his friend Christian, were arrested even before entering the cinema while dressed up like their favourite superhero, whilst carrying replica guns.

Clearly, they’re not the smartest people in the world, and unbeknownst to them, they were already being watched by a terror police task force, who swooped in on the pair with guns drawn, before they arrived at Mr. Botta’s house ahead of departing to the cinema.

When keeping it real-enthusiastic goes wrong? Credit: Tio

Reportedly, a man had phoned the police after Allesandro Botta and his friend were spotted dressed in the Deadpool get up, mistaking their two replica firearms as real ones, which got them a swift visit from the anti-terrorist task force.

After being arrested and held for one hour at the police station, the misunderstanding was realised by the police, and they were let go. However, Christian was fined under the “burqa ban” law, prohibiting the covering of faces in public.

The pair were released without further charges, and got to the cinema on time. Mr. Botta had this to say about the incident: “Neither of us thought it would be problem. I did not understand why and my attempt to tell him that it was a misunderstanding was useless.”

Perhaps the film is better if you dress up like Deadpool? Credit: Palacinema_Locarno

Lugano police that respond to the call stated, “The procedure was part of operational tactics. [Police] have to intervene as quickly as possible when they receive this type of information.”

Security levels had been heightened in recent weeks in the region, ahead of any perceived terror threat, plus, a 19-year old was recently arrested for planing a school shooting in the same area last Thursday.

These are not the type of props you want to be walking around with, unless you want to get shot. Credit: PoliziaCatonale

In regards to finally getting to see the film, Mr. Botta said this about his evening: “People were amused. And we sat in the audience, dressed as Deadpool, watching the movie. Despite everything, it was a great evening.”

So there you have it! Stupid people will go to great lengths to put themselves in immediate danger, all because of an eagerly anticipated movie such as Deadpool 2, which might just be a little over the top. Luckily nobody was hurt, and that they both fulfilled their wish of watching the film, regardless of being arrested for causing a terror alert.

Ryan Reynolds has found his superhero fit with Deadpool. Credit: PursueNews

None of this can be seen as bad publicity for Deadpool 2, since the Marvel film is also hoping to break the box office ahead of its worldwide and nationwide opening this Friday, perhaps giving ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Black Panther’, a run for their money in movie ticket sales.

Catch the hotly anticipated trailer for Deadpool 2 below, and make sure that you purchase your movie tickets for this coming weekend! It might just be a sell out affair, given Deadpool’s propensity for humour and overall super hero antics.


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