New York City Neighbourhood Dubbed ‘The Walking Dead’ Due to K2 “Zombies”

It’s been quite the pleasant weekend, with the Royal Wedding dominating the news sphere, with both plenty of in-awe reactions and pompous rhetoric surrounding the event, whilst the common people outside were just cutting loose in celebration, some with a glass of champagne, some with a nice beer, but far away in New York City, the weekend turned into a scene from ‘The Walking Dead.’

In quite horrific scenes, like a bad rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, there was nothing thrilling about what happened in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood, the same street where 33 people overdosed two years ago, so seemingly in commemoration of that day, a further 25 people were hospitalised after using K2 (Synthetic Marijuana) this weekend.

‘The Night of the Living Dead’ commenced around 7:30pm when somebody called police to the area, after many K2 addicts were seen hunched over, or walking with a knee jerk, to blatantly even resembling the undead, after a dealer had sold a very potent concoction of the life threatening drug, known on the streets as “Spice”.

At least 25 people were hospitalized in New York City after a possible overdose of synthetic marijuana known as ‘K2’. Credit: Peter Gerber

One man was arrested after 25 people were struck down with zombie like symptoms, no doubt, ruining anyone’s plan to enjoy their Saturday, after seeing addicts slumped against buildings, laying down on sidewalks and vomiting.

After the police arrived, the zombies were rounded up on stretchers and put into ambulances, to clear the area of ‘The Walking Dead’. There were no serious injuries reported, apart from extreme episodes of paranoia and hallucinations, but everyone seemingly survived the Spice binge, this time…

On Saturday night NBC News 4 reported the amount of people overdosing on Spice was only 16 people, but that figure rose up on Sunday by a further 9 people, as this Zombie party was seemingly just getting started.

Unresponsive people in a zombie like coma were found everywhere, before being taken to Interfaith Medical Center, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and Woodhull Medical Center.

This was surely a busy weekend for authorities and for medical staff. A witness, Israel P, described the addicts to The New York Daily News as follows: “We call them The Walking Dead.”

It is believed that this is the same location where 33 people overdosed on K2 in 2016. Credit: Curtis Means

Another man nearby told the Daily News, describing one zombie, “One of them, a guy, was upside down. His body up, his head down… Another one was lying down flat.”

Defying the laws of gravity, these zombies made a lasting impression. Meanwhile, the police arrested Tyquan Holley, 41, for possession of a controlled substance, believed to be K2, on Myrtle Avenue near Broadway, as well as swooping in on two convenience stores rumoured to be selling the fake drug as well. 

According to, the police zeroed in on Big Boy’s Deli for being the sole distributor of K2 in the area, and their findings remain part of an internal investigation.

Some 6,000 people have been sent to emergency rooms in New York since 2015 after using K2 (Spice), with only two confirmed deaths so far.

Mayor Bill De Blasio recently stated that people shouldn’t be arrested for smoking weed in public. But, what about K2 Spice? Credit: amNY

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, a seeming advocate for spiralling crime, sanctuary cities, MS-13 and also being very much against ICE, did however, make it illegal to sell or produce K2 in October of 2017, deciding the punishment with a measly sentence of a year in jail, and making it a crime that’s punishable with a $100,000 fine, if anyone is caught selling the zombie creating substance.

Somehow De Blasio’s weak stance on K2 hasn’t deterred vendors and users of K2, hence the reason for 25 zombies jolting around Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood this weekend, even though, he claims there has been a decline in Spice hospital visits in recent times. Well, clearly that’s no longer the case, as hospitals were overwhelmed by people frothing at the mouth, and to those that couldn’t stand up right right on their hind limbs, like a true human does.

Councilman Robert Cornegy Jr and Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo of Beford-Stuyvesant held a press conference on Sunday, demanding a police presence outside Big Boy Deli, to prevent the sale of K2 to locals in the area. Somehow we don’t believe that will work, do you?

Authorities received a call around 7.30pm of people found unresponsive on the corner of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue. Credit: Curtis Means

Councilman Cornegy told New York 1, “Some of the local shop owners are now using what’s called runners. So, not selling it absolutely out of the store, but having people who are working outside of the store who are loosely associated with the stores doing their business for them.”

“So we have to escalate our efforts in an effort to stop this scourge in our community.”

We feel that they are fighting a losing battle of epidemic proportions, with plenty of synthetic zombie drugs readily available at bodegas and in other places for only $5 dollars… Unless of course, they do a marketing push of awareness about how these drugs actually turn users into actual zombies.

Apart from that, we fear that these hapless users will only continue to rise in number, with Bill De Blasio now not only facing illegal immigration problems, resulting in a rapid rise in crime, but also zombies, resulting in many streets looking like ‘The Walking Dead’… Resulting in a New York City zombie epidemic all under De Blasio’s watch!


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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