Pope Francis Child Sex Abuse Scandal Exposed in Chile Clergy

Pope Francis from Chile, the current Pope that was brought in under the questionable presidency of Barack Obama, and as many had predicted and knew for a while now, which was that Pope Francis was in for a terrible month of May. That prophecy has come true, as at the end of last week a full 34 bishops in Chile had to resign over child sexual abuse offences inside the Catholic Church.

A mass coercion and cover up had been in existence for decades, until a colossus of a revelation arrived, with no deals available at the table to divert from this sickening scandal that has had Pope Francis extremely worried and pensive. Pope Francis accused them of “grave negligence” as all of the Catholic Church’s bishops, 34 in total from Chile, swiftly resigned over child sex abuse files.

This was the result after four days of emergency talks with Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), where Francis accused bishops of failing to investigate abuse allegations amid claims that the evidence had been destroyed years earlier.

This is the first time all the most senior clerics of a country have volunteered to step down after child sex abuse claims, after which they offered their apologies to their victims, the Pope and all catholics for their “grave errors and omissions” whilst vowing to repair the damage.

We don’t know about you, but after being sexually abused at the hands of the catholic church, or by anyone for that matter, a simple apology just won’t do.

Today, Pope Francis told one of the many child victims of the church who were sexually abused by Chilean priest Fernando Karadima in the 1980’s, Juan Carlos Cruz, who is now an adult, that it “doesn’t matter that he’s gay.”

The Pope told Juan Carlos Cruz that ‘gays were made that way by God’. Credit: The Times

Well, you see how Pope Francis made it all better? Simply by him saying that it didn’t matter that Juan Carlos Cruz was, or if he became gay because of the sexual abuse, that it didn’t matter… We wonder if Juan Carlos Cruz feels the same as Pope Francis does on his sexuality?

Mr. Cruz told Spanish newspaper El Pais, that the Pope had made the remarks to him after a private meeting in the Vatican in late April. Cruz told the newspaper that the conversation moved from his abuse to his sexuality quite rapidly, with the Pope reportedly saying, He told me ‘Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and he loves you like that and I do not care. The Pope loves you as you are, you have to be happy with who you are.”

Perhaps, Pope Francis didn’t want to relate Cruz’s sexual abuse as a child, to perhaps turning him into a homosexual in later life? Juan Carlos Cruz later told the Pope that his faith was very important to him and that he found it “awful” that his abusers tried to destroy that for him, to which Pope Francis responded, It’s a terrible evil.”

Well, it’s truly a “terrible evil” that Pope Francis was more than aware of, one would think? Juan Cruz told the Pope that he could, “have a spectacular papacy if you grab the bull by the horns and deliver a strong blow on the issue of abuse, and send out the message that the pope will no longer tolerate this.”

Pope Francis met three Chilean child abuse victims in Rome, who presented him with a 2,300 pages report into the country’s sex abuse problems, written by the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna. This sparked the emergency meetings and the following 34 resignations, in a presumption of massive guilt of pedophilia in each case.

Alejandro Goic is caught up in the widening child sex abuse scandal.  Credit: Inifinita

Alejandro Goic, a reigning bishop, said he was sorry that he failed to report cases of sexual abuse in his diocese, after a priest sent naked pictures of himself to a false Facebook profile in a sting operation, which was very much damning evidence to go along with the rest of the sexual abuse files for the sting team.

Eneas Espinoza, another victim of the pedophile priests and bishops, had been sexually abused while at Marist brothers school, called on Pope Francis to pursue a canonical prosecution that could see them stripped of all titles and benefits. Eneas told Reuters, “We want concrete, real action. I don’t want my abuser to end up living in a plush retirement home!”

Almost 80 members in the Catholic clergy of Chile had been accused of child sex abuse since the year 2000, after which they were disciplined with “penance and prayer“, which just makes you wonder about all the other unreported cases of child sex abuse and other evil lurking within the Catholic Church, which Pope Francis knows about, doesn’t it?

Father Fernando Karadima and priest Juan Barros stand accused of covering up the child sex abuse scandals, as they operated and abused children through the 1970’s and 1980’s, and onwards.

Juan Carlos Cruz was sexually abused as a child at the hands of the Catholic church.Pope Francis told him it doesn’t matter that he’s now gay… Credit: CNS photo/Alessandro Bianchi, Reuters

Juan Carlos Cruz stated that priest Barros was present when Father Karadima sexually abused him, yet he did nothing to stop it. Interestingly enough, Barros was appointed a bishop by Pope Francis, as recently as 2015, despite lots of opposition to the appointment by Chile’s clergy. Seemingly, Pope Francis knew about the pedophilia, yet turned a blind eye to it.

Shame on Pope Francis! That’s all we can say. Surely there is a conflict of interest in Pope Francis being the Pope for much longer… In 2015, Juan Carlos Cruz, wrote a letter to the Pope after he appointed Barros as bishop, writing:


“Please Holy Father, don’t be like the others. There are so many of us who despite everything think that you can do something. I treasure my faith, it’s what sustains me, but it is slipping away from me. Shame.”


Four months ago, Pope Francis had protected Barros and Karadima once the internal news of the child sex abuse scandal first broke. Francis called the allegations  “slander”, and that there was “not one single piece of proof” that Barros covered up for Karadima.

To us, this seems like Pope Francis has been covering up for the clergy’s long-standing sexual abuse practices, until there was clearly no point in ever denying that it happened over and over again, any longer. However, Pope Francis can be happy though, that seemingly the mainstream media isn’t reporting much on this scandal…

Francis played off his protection of the child sexual abusers, saying that he didn’t know the situation in Chile,  promising a full investigation into it, along with the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna.

Francis has since admitted the “pain and shame” and his own “serious mistakes” in dealing with the scandal. In April, after Scicluna’s findings in the investigation, Francis wrote a letter to the bishops in Chile, which said, “I fell into serious errors in the evaluation and perception of the situation, due especially to the lack of true balance information.

In a long letter taking the blame, Pope Francis spoke on the failings to handle the Barros case, blaming the leaders of Chile’s church, saying that they had been afraid to face “the ramifications of evil”.

Pope Francis pictured in Chile, as pedophilia rears its ugly head inside his clergy and child sex abuse is exposed. Credit: France24

Moreover, this scandal in Chile might just be one of many scandals involving child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, spanning various countries and time periods, dating back decades upon decades, with the Vatican now scrambling to restore public image.

Albeit after many priests, bishops and even Cardinal’s come up against the legal ramifications of abusing children, such as in the May case of the third-highest member of the Vatican hierarchy, Australian Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, who denies “multiple” sex charges brought against him in a public inquiry which has taken five years to come to the light in its investigation into the church.

It is now unclear whether Pope Francis will accept the 34 bishops resignations, or just what he will do to quell the fire of this pedophilia scandal that’s gripping the Catholic Church.

Will Pope Francis resign next over handling this child abuse scandal improperly? The abused children, most of whom are now adults, can never get their innocence back, after being molested and raped by pedophile priests.

We really hope that justice is finally served. Expect more priests and child abusers to meet their maker and be exposed in the coming months. That’s our prediction. We encourage Pope Francis to resign, before more scandals come at him and emerge from the seedy underbelly of his tenure.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Daily Wire

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