Barack Obama Tells Jay-Z to Stop Hip-Hop Artists from Supporting Trump

Former President Barack Obama, who’s dangerous legacy has now been completely undone by current President Donald Trump in less than 18 months, has now called upon Jay-Z to prevent other Hip Hop artists from meeting or even supporting the current President.

The claim has been made by Josh Cornett, which has been confirmed by trusted sources that the story is true. Cornett tweeted: ‘Sources are confirming that former President Barack Obama has called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading with Jay-Z to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.’

Devil worshippers Jay-Z and Barack Obama have been in close contact since Kanye West voiced his support for President Donald Trump, in which Kanye separated himself from the cabal, the mental plantation of race, and the backwards racism of the left, which saw Trump’s support among the black community double in just over a week.

The tweet by Josh Cornett has received over 8k retweets, over 11.4k likes, and almost 11k comments since it went live. The tweet was even liked by Donald Trump Jr. indicating that he may know that the story is absolutely true.

Whilst the authenticity of the story remains unclear, Barack Obama and Jay-Z are in close contact, and it is beneficial for Democrats and the members of their cabal, to be promising punishments and repercussions for any artist’s or celebrities voicing their support for Trump, in the run up to the November mid-term elections.

Donald Trump and Kanye West, the perfect dream team that broke the cabal. Credit: KTLA

After Barack Obama’s administration bugged, tapped and spied on Donald Trump before the Presidential election (which has still gone unpunished), and after Kanye West voiced his support for Candace Owens as well as Donald Trump, it saw support for Trump amongst black males jump up from 11% to 22%, whilst in the past, Hip Hop and Rap artists often praised Donald Trump in their lyrics pre-election intentions.

That was until he ran against Hillary Clinton, and the corruption which is systemic within the cabal of the political elite, in turn making him public enemy number one in the eyes of the cabal’s celebrity elite, whom are paid off of the same coffers as their political counterparts. Is this all making sense now??

Plus, with Jay-Z and Beyonce performing at a Hillary Clinton’s rally during her failed election, it isn’t hard to see that the political establishment rely on their biggest entertainment stars to help sway public opinion in political elections. Barack Obama is now relying on Jay-Z to threaten any other artist in the black community from speaking in support of Donald Trump, as Obama seriously fears that Trump will get elected for a second term.

Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic feel out each other’s Satanic energy. Never have we seen anything stranger or more weird… Credit: RollingStone

Democrats have already recently lost 9% support from registered voters aged 18 to 34 years old since the 2016 election.

Yes, in the terminology of “they thought they would follow the stars” this is now proving to become undone, as people start thinking for themselves and finally see beyond the cabal’s media pushing a leftist agenda to the detriment of everyone, especially the black community.

Let’s refresh your memory: Since Trump took office, black and hispanic unemployment is the lowest that its ever been, which is another huge embarrassment for Barack Obama, so now he resorts to using Jay-Z as some sort of brainwash shill (as he is) on other celebrities to alter their political outlook. But, people are waking up, and many can now see through the facade and lies, sprung by the left to control your thinking.

We look forward to more real news coming in the near future, spelling the beginning of the end to the cabal, exposing their scandals in all areas, both in politics and in entertainment.

Some jewels of future information come to mind, like Anthony Weiner’s laptop and with plenty more John Podesta emails yet to be uncovered, both are surely treasure troves of damning evidence coming from inside sources. Let’s hope on information within them becoming public, very soon… Wouldn’t that be something?


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Featured Photo Credit: NBC News

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