Donald Trump Cancels Meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore

President Donald Trump has sensationally just revealed that the June 12th summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will now not be going ahead.

This news comes today after North Korea had reportedly called Vice President Mike Pence a “political dummy” after he compared North Korea to Libya, after he said, “North Korea may end like Libya” which North Korea didn’t take too kindly to, since in 2011, Muammar Gaddafi was killed by rebels eight years after giving up their nuclear weapons.

Perhaps, Mike Pence should have thought before he spoke. Choe Son-hui, the Senior North Korean Diplomat, said the North Korean regime would not “beg” for dialogue and warned of a “nuclear showdown” if diplomacy fails.

North Korea are obviously offended to be compared to Libya in his way, and now the Singapore meet up has been cancelled, hopefully delayed to a later date. Ms Choe said that Mike Pence has made “unbridled and impudent remarks.”

Choe Son-hui spoke in state run KCNA news agency on Thursday about Mike Pence. Credit: TheGuardian

Choe Son-hui added, “As a person involved in US affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing from the mouth of the US vice-president. Whether the US will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown is entirely dependent upon the decision and behaviour of the United States.”

Mike Pence yesterday told Martha MacCallum of Fox News, “There was some talk about the Libya model. As the President made clear, this will only end like the Libya model ended if Kim Jong-Un doesn’t make a deal.”

Vice President Mike Pence didn’t help the situation with his Fox News comments on North Korea.  Credit: Fox News

These comments by Pence sparked the nearly immediate response from North Korea, and it’s a sad turn of events, as everyone was so much looking forward to the meeting and the photo opportunity for the whole world, between the US and North Korea, but this doesn’t mean that a deal cannot be reached or that an understanding isn’t already in place, or that one won’t be reached.

President Donald Trump made his announcement this morning to pull out of the summit in Singapore, to everyone’s surprise. Trump wrote in a letter to Kim Jong-un, as follows: “Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting.”

Trump also added in the letter, “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”

Donald Trump has cancelled the summit with Kim Jong-un for now. Credit: CNBC

Perhaps, a meeting could be back on the cards one day, and maybe North Korea should have heeded the past tense of Mike Pence’s comments, which were not in relation to the current political climate between the nations, however, calling Pence a “political dummy” didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, either.

The reference to Libya, was only referred to as if a deal could not be reached between the US and North Korea, which obviously wasn’t appreciated by the North Korean regime.

So what happens now? Perhaps both nations need to admit a miscommunication and mend the fences, in order to set a new date and time for a showing of unity and ironing out the aspects of a new agreement.

Additionally, North Korea have also destroyed three nuclear tunnels, observation buildings, a metal foundry and living accommodations at its Punggye-ri test site on Thursday, which signals progress made between the US and North Korea on denuclearisation.

Here is Donald Trump’s letter to Kim Jong-un in full, which was written on May 24th, 2018, as follows:

Credit: TheWhiteHouse

This is surely sad news, but we hold onto the hope that a new meeting will take place, which is signalled by Donald Trump with an open invitation to talk further in this letter, with his additional positive message to Kim Jong-un that shows that Trump still really wishes to meet him, and is even extending an olive branch for the summit to be rescheduled.

Another historic moment in the Trump negotiations with North Korea, but we have a feeling that Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump will still meet and that peace will be reached, as both nations are stronger united and unified as allies in the world’s political climate .


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Featured Photo Credit: CNN

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