Azealia Banks Releases ‘Anna Wintour’ Music Video

Yesterday, the often called controversial female artist, Azealia Banks, just dropped her official music video for her song called “Anna Wintour”, which is an apparent homage to the editor in chief of Vogue since the year of 1988; the real Anna Wintour. With the release of this video, it helps to complete the song and the intention of Banks’ latest hit in her own cheeky style.

This must be Azealia Banks’ biggest commercial hit since her super mega hit “212” (the best track ever!), which propelled her into the limelight for all the right reasons. Since then, she faced a lot of opposition in the industry and due to her seemingly “IDGF” attitude. It has taken some time, but now she’s back and she’s arguably even better than before.

Parading around in some short jeans shorts, with pert nipples through a tight tank top, with lots of interesting hip swaying dance moves and a mega phone, Azealia Banks very much owns the landscape of the empty warehouses. This release is probably making other female artists mad who are also vying for a space in this music market, however, they’ve yet to realise that they just don’t quite measure up to the original talents of Azealia Banks, let alone have the ability to perform over a club beat.

Azealia Banks is killing it again with the new track ‘Anna Wintour’. Credit: rapWAVE

We can see this track becoming a summer hit across the party scene, at sunset parties, and at festivals, amping up lots of women and gay men, just to name a few.

Yes, we can easily say that this new music video ticks a lot of boxes and it helps to communicate Banks’ talent, which supersedes many of the mainstream (former) female Hip-Hop cross over acts in the time scale of forever! Nobody has the originality of Azealia Banks, nor the unapologetic strut and attitude of this woman from Harlem, with the talent to back it up, in quite the same way. Let’s check out the new video!

How about that video to knock it out of the park, eh? Azealia Banks has since said about the video, “This is legit the most hipster thing I’ve ever done.”

She elaborated, “I’m laughing because this is exactly who I wanted to be when I was a 14 year old musical theater head just getting introduced to dance/house/indie and alternative music. I think this is exactly how I imagined myself as an indie rock star or the lead singer of some electro band. I would daydream about these types of art weirdo moments. The Laguardia jumped out.”

The club ready beat by Junior Sanchez is a direction which Azealia Banks is willing to take, and this no doubt, should set her in good stead against any female competitors, since she also makes the track her own by switching styles plenty of times within the song, and not many can say that they’re able to do that.

We can all remember this cutie with the 212 track, that scored her legions of fans. Credit: DrewBuzz

Azealia Banks second studio album ‘Fantasea II’ is due out later this year, and we will most definitely be tuning in for that.

But now, it’s time for some age old Azealia Banks moments, not including sacrificing chickens and fighting with Russell Crowe, things which are hopefully best left in the past.

However, you can’t help but to admire the outspoken nature of Azealia Banks. Here in the video below is Azealia Banks ‘Bitchiest Moments’, where she clearly pars T.I. and Iggy Azealia. Refreshingly, she’s just being her past self, considering this compilation was from quite a few years ago, but we know that a fire still burns inside Azealia Banks, which is more than we can say for the majority of the water-downed female artists of today. Enjoy!


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Featured Photo Credit: MissInfo


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