Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself in to the NYPD and Charged with Rape

This Friday morning in New York City, film producer Harvey Weinstein will turn himself in to the NYPD at the same time that the District Attorney’s office files charges of rape and sexual assault, pertaining to him raping one woman and forcing another to perform oral sex on him.

The Manhattan DA’s office was not available for comment, but it is believed that the charges are for Harvey Weinstein’s specific cases of incident with Lucia Evans, Paz De La Huerta, and various other women whom he sexually assaulted in New York, after a grand jury voted to indict Weinstein on charges after hearing testimony from women last month.

Lucia Evans confirmed that she will be pressing charges on Thursday, and federal prosecutors have officially begun their probe into Harvey Weinstein in tandem. The movie mogul will reportedly turn himself in to the NYPD, in order to prevent a public arrest or manhunt on Friday, which would only mean more bad publicity.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office had suffered a backlash over a decision not to charge Harvey Weinstein, after the NYPD had said since October that there was enough evidence to seek an indictment. However, since then, two of the strongest cases which had helped to turn over the decision to actually indict him for his sex crimes, was that of the cases of Lucia Evans, who was forced to perform oral sex on Harvey Weinstein in 2004. Alongside Evan’s allegations, Weinstein will also face charges of first and third degree rape with another unidentified woman.

Lucia Evans will be pressing additional charges against Weinstein after her testimony has already now brought him sexual assault charges. Credit: Facebook

With Paz De La Huerta, in November of 2010, Harvey Weinstein and her had met up at The Standard in New York City, when she was a hopeful and rising actress. Harvey Weinstein was at the pinnacle of his power at the time, and he allegedly raped her twice at her apartment.

These two specific cases laid strong weight with their testimony for the DA’s office to produce an indictment and charges for his arrest. A spokesperson for the DA office said, “This case was taken seriously from the outset, with a thorough investigation conducted by our sex crimes unit.”

There is no statue of limitations on rape, criminal sexual acts, or aggravated sexual abuse in the first degree in the state of New York, as this was amended in 2006, after a state legislature signed a bill eliminating the statue of limitation from five years to none.

Now it’s been eight months since the furore of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations began after a journalistic piece by Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker exposed him, and ever since, Hollywood’s biggest “known” secret was widely revealed to the world. This exposing of Weinstein also set off a string of allegations about other actors, directors and producers in the so-called #MeToo movement and the following #TimesUp movement.

It was Ronan Farrow’s work, with the help of Rose McGowan and others, that had started it all. Credit: TheAdvocate

Harvey Weinstein is also facing sexual assault allegations and coercion in Los Angeles and London, with an insider confirming on Wednesday that federal prosecutors have officially begun probing into these other allegations, which may come in as further future charges.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce (NYPD) said weeks after the Weinstein story first broke, “We have a credible and detailed narrative, and even though the incident occurred seven years ago there has been corroboration from a number of individuals.”

COD Robert Boyce began building a case after interviewing De La Huerta and they started working a case together. He said, “We have an actual case here, so we’re happy with where the investigation is right now.”

Paz De La Huerta was allegedly raped twice by Harvey Weinstein in New York. Credit: W Magazine

“Mr Weinstein is out of state, we would need an arrest warrant, to arrest him. So right now we’re gathering our evidence and we continue to do so, every day. So that’s where we are in the case.”

“If this person was still in New York and it was recent we would go right away and make the arrest, no doubt. But we’re talking about a seven-year-old case. And we have to move forward gathering evidence.”

Harvey Weinstein had previously been attending a Arizona treatment centre called The Meadows, in order to supposedly be working on his sex addiction problem, whilst also staying out of the limelight, but it does now seem like the chickens have finally come home to roost.

In Harvey Weinstein being arrested on rape and sexual assault charges this morning, it is big news. Plus, one now wonders if the trial will be a public one, and if it is, it may just be one of the biggest trials of the century, if it all goes to trial. Or at least, it’s one of the highest profile arrests in recent times regarding sexual assault, aside from Bill Cosby.

Lastly, with Harvey Weinstein soon in police custody, many wrongdoer’s in the entertainment industry fear that he will be singing like a bird, in order to lesser his guilt and thus perhaps even revealing information on other people, as a result.

Harvey Weinstein has always vehemently denied that any sexual activity was not consensual and we will continue to bring you the news on this story, as it develops.


  • Harvey Weinstein surrenders to NYPD at Precinct 1 in Tribeca, New York at 7:30am.

Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Tribeca Police Station this morning at 7;30am. Credit: ShutterUp

  • Harvey Weinstein is seen led out of the precinct in handcuffs after his arrest. Rose McGowan famously said, “I have a visceral need for him to have handcuffs on.”
  • Harvey Weinstein has surrendered his passport and has to wear a monitor device.
  • Harvey Weinstein is charged with rape.


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