FIFA 18 World Cup Game Mode Releases Today

EA Sports release the World Cup game mode for FIFA 18 today on May 29th, however, if you try to jump in and play it right now, you’ll be very disappointed, since there will be nothing there to greet you in terms of any World Cup mode. You’re going to need to wait for it just a little bit longer!

The latest news that we have is that the World Cup mode will launch at a very cheeky 6pm (GMT) tonight in the United Kingdom. Clearly, enough people have been waiting on this new game mode in order for it to become news, so we’re glad to bring it to you along with yet another look at the game trailer.

World Cup fever is already upon us, and for those that aren’t into FIFA 18 and football in general, are in for a truly long World Cup in Russia. Excellent! Let’s look at the trailer now before the World Cup mode officially launches on FIFA 18 this evening!

So, you’ll have to wait until 6pm (GMT) to play this new game within a game, cleverly available to all owners of FIFA 18 just over two weeks ahead of the actual 2018 World Cup in Russia. The official 32 licensed and qualified World Cup teams will be available to play with, and if you need to refresh your memory as to who’s qualified, then please check in here with the official FIFA World Cup site.

No less, the World Cup Russia 2018 game mode on FIFA 18 will not only have all the official kits, squads, the Telstar match ball, and even the crowd atmosphere, but the game mode will also have all 12 stadiums being used for the World Cup, assorted to the specific group that you decide to play in, just like the real thing!

The new FIFA18 World Cup 2018 mode has so much detail, that they even have Messi’s arm tattoos. Will it be enough to have him lift the World Cup? Credit: GameRevolution

You can either play your way through the official tournament with the country of your choice in both offline and online mode, or alternatively, you can use the nations that didn’t quite make it to the World Cup this year, such as Holland, Italy, the USA and Chile, in your own custom made World Cup tournament, in order to pretend that they actually did.

Lastly, the game will also feature an all new FIFA 18 World Cup Ultimate Team, which will be an all new mode from the existing one, with all players from their national teams. You may also encounter new unlockable Icons such as Pele, Maradona and Gary Lineker, to name a few.

So there you have it! FIFA 18’s World Cup game mode launches tonight at 6pm (GMT) UK time, and the only question remains is who will you play with in the World Cup? Will you go for one of the team favourites, such as Brazil, Germany, France or Spain? Or will you prefer a dark horse for the win, such as Argentina, Portugal or even England? The latter isn’t highly likely, but we can all pretend, so the choice is yours, as World Cup fever now grips the entire planet, starting with the FIFA 18 gamers.


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Featured Photo Credit: FIFA Infinity

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