Twitter Users Falsely Condemn Trump Over Obama Era ICE Photo

It’s been a great Memorial Day weekend, hasn’t it? However, whilst Donald Trump was praising the soldiers who had passed away in the line of duty, the Left latched onto a photo from an ICE detainment centre and joined forces to condemn the ICE’s actions, as well as blaming Donald Trump.

But it gets better! Fake black man, Shaun King, Sharia Law campaigner, Linda Sarsour, and plenty of other deluded Lefties, had joined forces in a series tweets to condemn Donald Trump over the photo from the ICE detainment centre, but once they realised that it happened back in 2014, under Barack Obama’s presidency, their tweets strangely began disappearing and the uproar ceased. Classic leftist derangement syndrome was exposed, yet again!

Yes, they fell for the bait, “Hook, Line and Sinker!”

Sealed with a kiss. Credit: TheGuardian

This naturally made the weekend even better than it already was, since there’s nothing greater than seeing a Leftist shoot himself in the foot (only symbolism! Not with an AR-15)

Here’s the picture that made its way around as a social justice warrior beacon of the usual warped resistance against Donald Trump, until it was revealed that this all happened under Barack Obama’s tenure.

A teenager and a child inside the ICE detainment centre from 2014. Credit: AP

Well, this photo really gripped the Left, who as we all know can’t meme and can’t even debate, but they do really prefer illegal immigration and the rights of illegal criminals over that of US citizens. They also value MS-13 gang members as human beings, plus, Linda Sarsour promotes Sharia Law, but appears at women’s marches and cuddles up with the LGBT community, all in the name of hypocrisy. And lastly, Stormy Daniels is a Democrat role model for children… Don’t you just love the Left and these deluded Liberals, as much as we do? Cue the tweets!

Credit: Twitter

Truly shocking, indeed… Children under 18 years old, detained behind fences after entering the country illegally, looking like they’re in a kennel or something. Well, at least it’s not a maximum security prison. If the parents didn’t try to migrate illegally, none of it would have ever happened.

Shaun King entered into the arena, who as you may not know, is everyone’s favourite white black person, a caucasian writer and civil rights activist of the Leftist agenda who thinks that he’s black. Sort of like the male version of Rachel Dolezal (aka Nkechi Amare Diallo), who claims to have race dysmorphia, but doesn’t even have his natural African name picked out just yet….

Credit: Twitter/ShaunKing

Anything that brings out Shaun King is ripe for ridicule, no matter the subject matter we think! It didn’t stop there, as all the Leftists were oh so quick to point the finger of blame at President Donald Trump, then Linda Sarsour, everyone’s favourite Sharia Law advocate and general hypocrite, thought it be a good idea to use this as social justice warrior ammunition against the 45th President.

Credit: Lsarsour/Twitter

Little did Linda Sarsour know whilst she tweeted this out, that it all really happened under Barack Obama’s tenure in 2014, a time where gays were still being butchered in the Middle East, women were still being beaten by their husbands when they stepped out of line, and daughters were honour killed in the name of Islam for shaming their families after being raped. Linda Sarsour never speaks about that, which is strange, don’t you think?

Yes, you can truly cut the hypocrisy of the Left with a butter knife, and with that came a tweet that shattered this social justice warrior leftist agenda aimed at Donald Trump, once it was revealed that it actually was a photo from when Barack Obama was still president in the year 2014. Oh joy!

Credit: Jakesilverstein/Twitter

So there you have it! Nothing much beats when Shaun King and Linda Sarsour are exposed as Leftist morons, which they truly are, which also capped off a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, to be fair.

What sort of self exposition of moronic tendencies will the Left really accomplish next time? Keep following along with us here at Brainstain to find out, as the Left continues to crumble into little pieces.


Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: AP

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