Pokemon Quest Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Do you remember Pokemon Go? You know, the app where you had to “catch em all” by use of location services, and then later found yourself in some park, at the crack of dawn, susceptible to kidnapping and potential sexual predator molestation, in search for the most coveted of creatures like Pikachu? Well fear not, for the Pokemon Go fad has passed, and something much better is arriving on the horizon this November, and it’s called Pokemon Let’s Go – on Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, there’s also a brand new free-to-start game called Pokemon Quest out today, to help tide you over for a while on the Nintendo Switch.

Indeed, those that grew up with Pokemon are very excited about this news. Pokemon Let’s Go will be coming out in two different editions; an Eevee Edition and (you guessed it), a Pikachu Edition, but that will have to wait till November. Today however, anime and gaming fans everywhere are scrambling to get on their Switch’s to snag a free download of the Pokemon Quest game to catch them all!

But before you do, we feel it’s best to learn more about these latest releases from Pokemon, so that you know exactly what you’re pre-ordering and downloading for free today. Let’s start with the trailer for Pokemon Let’s Go first!

This new Pokemon Let’s Go game seems like the safer option, as you try to catch them all from the comfort of your own sofa, as opposed to being outside and collecting them all, at the ends of the Earth or wherever your GPS may take you. If you still wish to play it outside, that’s still an option as it is a Nintendo Switch game, meaning you can take it out and about to your hearts content. Not only that, it also connects to Pokemon Go. Plus, you can even get yourself a Pokeball controller, which will allow you to walk a Pokemon of your choice in the real world for additional goodies, which overall makes it all more visceral, as you decide to take this rascal of a game outside into the wilderness.

We suppose we’ll have to wait for the gameplay trailer nearer to November to find out more about this Pokemon Let’s Go game. Now, let’s see the Pokemon Quest trailer!

Surely they have taken some inspiration from Minecraft with the boxy game graphics, but we assure you that it’s an entirely different game, which is available now on the Switch as a free download! Surely that sounds enticing to every Pokemon fan out there, but for those who cannot understand what it’s all about, we bring you this gameplay trailer to give you a better idea.

As we’ve said many times before, this game is available now on the Nintendo Switch as a free to download, free to play game. Just check out the Nintendo eShop and have a go! For all you mobile gamers out there, don’t worry, it will also be available on iPhone’s and on Android’s next month from the App Store and from Google Play, so there’s always that to look forward to this summer, as well.

Will you be downloading Pokemon Quest today? Or will you wait for the Pokemon Let’s Go cross format game that’s out in November? The choice is yours, but do tell us your honest review of the Pokemon Quest game in the comments section down below.


Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: Press Start Australia

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