Jimmy Kimmel Refuses To Apologise for Blackface In The Wake of Roseanne’s Cancellation

ABC show host Jimmy Kimmel of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ refuses to apologise for his blackface impersonation of basketball legend, Karl Malone, in the wake of the recent cancellation of the popular ‘Roseanne’ show, after the star, Roseanne Barr, stated that Obama’s Iranian advisor, Valerie Jarrett, looked like a character from The Planet of the Apes mixed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since Roseanne was canceled by ABC earlier this week, however, the Left’s hypocrisy on race, and their self-evident double standards on persecution for mere jokes, have become a thing of legend. Comedian’s Wanda Sykes, Michelle Wolf, Kathy Griffin and now Jimmy Kimmel have been brought up on their hypocrisy and double standards in being able to keep their shows after committing far worse acts of racism than Roseanne’s quite hilarious observational tweet.

Jimmy Kimmel famously portrayed basketball player Karl Malone on The Man Show in full blackface many years ago, and somehow the Left, and Jimmy himself, find this a non-issue. Let’s take a look at this mocking of a black basketball player (which is wrong on so many levels), by portraying Karl Malone as an unintelligent black man for mass media comedic consumption.

The Left continues to insinuate that the appearance of an ape, somehow links back to the black community, which is undoubtedly racist, and the Left never have to answer for those comparisons. Very strange, indeed. Furthermore, Valerie Jarrett is not black, but Iranian, and so if Roseanne made a joke about her appearance, it can’t be racist, since she isn’t even black, right?

Jimmy Kimmel gets paid $15 million a year and is employed by ABC, still remaining a popular late night host, but ABC didn’t have any qualms about cancelling ‘Roseanne’ for her joke tweet about Valerie Jarrett’s appearance. Perhaps this is because Roseanne was a Trump supporter and rallied in record-breaking viewership with over 27 million people tuning in for the rebooted show’s first season.

This hypocrisy shows that Hollywood, clearly protect the Left’s vile racism and vilify the Right or people with Centrist views, that may make a joke that they can easily class as racist, over the majorly biased mainstream news media. Maybe they couldn’t handle the massive influence ‘Roseanne’ was having after seeing it back on the air after more than 20 years.

So Leftists like Jimmy Kimmel (Karl Malone mockery), Wanda Sykes (called Trump a motherf*cker and an Orangutan), Whoopi Goldberg (wore a T-shirt with Trump blowing his brains out), Kathy Griffin (pictured with Trump’s severed head), Bill Maher (said he was a house n*gger), Michelle Wolf (made fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ appearance) and others are even celebrated for their mocking of people’s appearances, their race, and joyously praise the blatant bias and racist undertones in Leftist comedy acts, whilst Roseanne Barr is deemed racist for stating that a traitor to America resembled someone from The Planet of the Apes mixed with the Muslim Brotherhood, which she quite clearly does. Can you say, “liberal leftist hypocrisy?”

Do you see a resemblance between Valerie Jarrett and Planet of the Apes? Credit: brainstainnews/IG


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Here’s Valerie Jarrett and Clinton campaign manager (PizzaGate aficionado and known kiddy fiddler) John Podesta at a party at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. There’s nothing untoward or weird about these people at all, right? Credit: NewsJustforYou1

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