Child Sex Trafficking Camp Uncovered in Tucson, Arizona

In the age of Donald Trump (God bless), the plight of war veterans and the pursuit of pedophiles through child sex trafficking rings has never been higher on any presidential agenda in history. On the campaign trail, Trump vowed to employ, deploy and take care of veterans like never before. Another one of his campaign promises was to fight against human and child sex trafficking crimes, like no president before him.

In the public consciousness, the sexual abuse of children has come to light more so only in recent years, through much of the Wikileaks emails, and the many subsequent PizzaGate (“PedoGate”) researchers whom have often been ridiculed after the mainstream media tried to say that PizzaGate was already debunked. However, as any intelligent person knows, that is not the case at all. PizzaGate was never debunked, and people have barely begun to scratch the surface of the systemic sexual abuse of children that’s present in the world, until now. If you’re a pedophile or child sex trafficker, your number is coming up very soon.

These elite child sex trafficking rings are nothing new, but trying to rid the world of these sick people and their practices is now above the line of top priorities during the Trump presidency.

So now comes some news that will open your eyes even further to the horrors of these very sick and pure evil people whom trade money in child sex trafficking, and thrive off of the sexual abuse of children. These people are sick.

The horrors of child sex trafficking are largely covered up by the mainstream media, it’s up to us to get the awareness out there. Credit: YouTube

In April of 2017, former Marine and Navy Seal, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer founded the non-profit organisation called ‘Veterans for Child Rescue’ (V4CR), and ever since, they’ve been active in sting operations on pedophiles, on-going investigations to locate missing children, freeing the sexually abused from captivity, and exposing child sex trafficking rings every day.

Last week, the ‘Veterans on Patrol’ group documented what they discovered after setting out to look for homeless veterans. They found something highly suspicious near Intersection 19 and Valencia, right next to the Santa Cruz river in Tucson, Arizona. These images will shock you. They discovered an underground bunker and much worse, when the daylight came, it was revealed to be a child sex trafficking torture camp, used by pedophiles to sexually abuse and to traffic children.

Inside the camp there were children’s toys, a blonde girls’ hair on a comb, pornographic material, hair dye, a stroller, straps and restraints tied to trees used to subdue children, plus an underground bunker and even an lookout post. Moreover, a shocking message was found written on a tree, that said, “Hello Maddie.”

Lewis Arthur of ‘Veterans on Patrol’, looking for homeless veterans made the discovery of the camp, which was later toured by V4CR founder Craig Sawyer, who is currently involved in the making of an upcoming documentary entitled “Contraland”, to be released in 2018, about the child sex trafficking problem in the United States of America.

Lewis Arthur said this about the discovery: “The solar lights are what gave it away. If we hadn’t been walking on the right trail we would have never seen it, we would have walked right past it.”

“And we are right there and our city is right there, our children are right there and it’s not my problem if it’s not in my backyard. Now it’s in our backyard.”

Craig Sawyer and Jerry Peyton (former firefighter) toured the camp two days later with volunteers. Craig said, “I didn’t expect to see something this heinous and inhumane this close.”

“I served in the military to keep things like this from happening here that’s why I risked my security, so nobody here would have to put up with this.”

“In fact there’s another one nearby that they found that they are already digging with fresh tools and fresh dirt.”

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer mentioned that the newly discovered camp was likely used only ten days ago, and its even more likely that the users of the camp would return at some point.

Discrepancies between whether police are receptive or responsive to the discovery, without commenting on the camp or any of its contents, remains unclear as detectives have now been handed the intel. This is definitely not a homeless camp, and it might uncover evidence of the people that were present inside the camp, that have been using it, as it must be strewn with DNA evidence right across it.

The latest news on the child trafficking bunker in Tucson, Arizona is that the plot of land of which it is located on is owned by CEMEX, a global leader in building materials, who have previous business ties to the Clinton Foundation, amongst others.

Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at Craig “Sawman” Sawyer’s noble efforts with Vet 4 Child Rescue, and show you the trailer for the upcoming film, ‘Contraland’.

On the following link you can visit Vets 4 Child Rescue, and make a donation to a worthy cause in helping to support their ongoing mission against child sex trafficking. As their motto goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Sir Edmund Burke

You have to watch this next video, in order for the seriousness of this sickening epidemic to really hit home, with a reported 2 million children subjected to child sex abuse and even worse in these child sex trafficking rings. Serving as the main plausible reason for the many missing children throughout recent times in America and beyond.

Rather than deeming everyone talking about PizzaGate or PedoGate as being just a conspiracy theorist and that pedophilia doesn’t really exist on such a large scale, should change their scepticism immediately. Since they are gravely mistaken, and these thoughts of denial are only enabling these horrible acts to continue. To deny that child sex trafficking exists should be a crime and to also deny the links between Satanism and child sexual abuse, should also be regarded as turning a blind eye to horrific practices, as well as a crime, on top of that.

PizzaGate is very real, child sex trafficking is a business, and it’s far worse than we could ever imagine, which makes you fear the worst, when you think of what may happened to Maddie McCann and the death of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Curiously, this other news from Arizona also popped up just this past weekend, which you can read about here. Could this somehow be related? What did forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt know, which would have had him murdered only a few days ago? Nobody knows, but it’s strange that he was murdered, after he worked on the Jon Benet Ramsey case, and that he also assisted police in various other cases, presumed to link back to cases of child sexual abuse.

Under President Donald Trump, in only one month, there were over 1,500 arrests for child sex trafficking. These numbers have continued to increase throughout his presidency, as more pedophiles and child traffickers meet their harsh judgements.

President Donald Trump, passing laws to fight the pedophiles, with more force than ever before. Credit: Reuters

In 2012, Trump tweeted, “Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

As the current president, Donald Trump has said this about child sex trafficking: “I’ll direct the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies that have a role in preventing human trafficking to take a hard look at the resources and personnel that they’re currently devoting to this fight. Now, they are devoting a lot, but we’re going to be devoting more.”

So you better believe it, as we’ve said all along here at Brainstain, Donald Trump is very much helping to end child sex trafficking on a daily basis, and there are numerous veteran war heroes engaged in this fight. However, there is so much more work to be done, so please share this article in order to help spread awareness and please do consider donating to Veterans 4 Child Rescue (V4CR), as you’ll be saving the children.

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Novus Vero

Follow the latest news on the Tucson, Arizona, child sex trafficking camp discovery, right here on 8chan.


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  1. So why is this story not making the MSM? Or are they just wanting to cover the lies they put out about Trump? Maybe someone high up is involved? I feel this is very sick and needs the FBI (A joke of the USA) to investigate a real crime!! Please pass on the story to everyone you KNOW!!

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