UK Secondary School Encourages Boys to Wear Skirts in Summer

In the latest politically correct “gender neutral” travesty that’s plaguing the world’s youth, up steps a school in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, that has now banned boys from wearing shorts as part of their school uniform. Instead, they’re in favour of a “gender neutral” uniform policy this summer as the temperatures rise. Boys are now being told to wear skirts to beat the heat. Well quite clearly, there’s never been a better time to home school your children if this latest news is anything to go by.

Yes, you read that correctly: The Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has banned shorts for boys, but told them that “Skirts are cool.”

So to those boys that don’t want to wear slacks, but shorts instead because it’s getting warmer outside, they will not be able to do so, and can now only wear skirts as opposed to the usual uniform.

Head teacher Moira Green backed the new school uniform policy of “trousers or skirts”, in the new gender neutral outlook on looking smart for school.

If you don’t want to wear slacks, you must wear a skirt, in a bizarre gender neutral ruling that will affect boys and their sanity this summer. Is this just a way to get students to abide by the ‘more formal’ policy, made at the start of the academic year by leaders at the school in Sonning Common, which clearly stated only ‘trousers and skirts’ were permitted.

Imagine a boy rolling up to school in one of these! Credit: Shutterstock

Parent Alastair Vince-Porteous asked staff if his son could wear tailored shorts to school, to which Chiltern Edge responded that it was not apart of the uniform. The father was then told that his son could wear a skirt if he wished to, as part of their new gender neutral uniform policy.

This new policy helps gender neutral kids feel more included and welcome, saying that boys or girls could wear slacks (trousers) or skirts, regardless of gender. Due to the Equality Act, schools have a duty to protect transgender students from discrimination, which sounds good, but we don’t really believe that any boys wearing skirts wouldn’t come into some form of bullying on the playground, regardless.

This news came about this weekend, after temperatures across the UK hit 27 °C. Alastair Vince-Porteous said,“I was told shorts are not part of the uniform. It’s a shame we can’t be more grown up about it, we aren’t asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it’s not a big deal.”

“I know that in the past other schools have worn skirts so I asked if my son was able to do that – and the school said yes.”

You can wear shorts in primary school, but not secondary school? Outrageous! Credit:

Another parent, Joanne Muday said, “It’s nuts to make the kids wear blazers and ties when it gets very hot.”

The introduction of a new formal uniform policy came after the school was branded “inadequate” by Ofsted. In August, the school had a capacity of 900 students, but as of January last year, only 507 pupils attended. The school will join the Maiden Erlegh Trust and become an academy, with attendees hailing from areas such as Reading, Caversham and Maidenhead.

Head teacher Moira Green stated, “In September 2017, with the support of parents, Chiltern Edge made the decision to move to a more formal uniform. This has been a success. Maiden Erlegh Trust, in preparation for September 2018, wholeheartedly support Chiltern Edge’s adoption of a more formal uniform.”

So, do you think it’s fair that boys can only wear skirts in the summer, as opposed to shorts, or is this more “formal uniform” policy a good way in preventing students from wearing shorts altogether?


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