Snopes Fact Checker Calls Tucson Child Sex Trafficking Camp Story “False”

Do you know what Snopes is? Well, they’re that Democrat run and Soros funded fake fact checker that rears its ugly head in order to cover up corruption and crimes of the liberal left. You remember, don’t you? The online fact checker that Hillary Clinton talked about during her failed presidential run of 2016?

Coincidentally, they have “debunked” PizzaGate and other heinous ongoing crimes, which makes this latest news none too surprising. Last weekend, Veterans on Patrol discovered a child trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona, with a barrage of evidence present, that proves the fact of a child sex trafficking camp was discovered, fraught with straps to trees (a “rape tree”), children’s toys, condoms, lube, hair dye and other damning evidence, on a plot of land owned by CEMEX, next to I-19 and Valencia in Tucson, Arizona.

This camp was later surveyed by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer for Vets 4 Child Rescue, and he confirmed in his view that it was 100% a child sex trafficking camp. He was additionally not surprised that local police refused to properly investigate the site or take any evidence, which screams of an insider cover up.

Craig Sawyer has expressed his dismay at investigating police for refusing to gather evidence at the Tucson bunker that’s used for chid sex trafficking. Credit: YouTube

Furthermore, the Mayor of Tucson is Johnathan Rothschild, and CEMEX (owners of the land) also have close ties to the Clinton Foundation, NXIVM and the Bronfman (liquor fortune) family that helped to fund the sex cult, which was led by Keith Raniere.

The fact that police refuse to investigate the sex camp as well as the knowledge that Snopes have declared the child trafficking camp as merely a homeless camp and that the story is “false”, should tell you all you need to know, which is that there’s a major cover up going on within relation to the child sex trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona.

You can view the Snopes link that shamelessly declares that the child trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona as “false”, right here. Would we expect anything less from Snopes (which is part funded by George Soros), a site that liberals often refer to in order to get their false facts and declare things as conspiracy theories?

The rape tree found in Tucson, Arizona, has strap restraints attached to it in various places. Credit: ReconsiderNews

Snopes are conveniently calling the Veterans on Patrol’s discovery of the child trafficking camp as “fake news” and a “conspiracy theory”, since they obviously feel like they need to protect the pedophiles and child traffickers that are involved. It sure is curious how CEMEX weren’t aware of the camp site, even though it was in plain existence on their land, that they even owned.

So, once again, Snopes attempts to debunk a story of child sexual abuse and trafficking, and pedophilia, merely by marking the very true story as “false.”

What we are looking at here is the intertwining of a Rothschild, the Clinton Foundation, CEMEX (present in Haitian-Clinton scandal), NXIVM (sex cult) and the Bronfman liquor empire, all becoming implicated in some way to yet more child sex trafficking stories. Surely that’s no longer a coincidence that can be denied for much longer.


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