The Curious Case of How Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrows Broke the Internet

This past weekend was the 44th G7 summit between Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of June in Quebec, Canada, but Donald Trump didn’t stick around for long, as he later prepared to head towards Singapore for his summit with Kim Jon-un, even landing there this very Sunday, leaving many world globalist leaders unable to sway him into their existing wishes in the ongoing trade tariff problems.

Donald Trump has made no secret of his opposition to the trade tariffs between the U.S. and other nations, and after the G7 summit Trump specifically honed in on trade tariffs with Canada, which was reiterated nicely with his tweets aimed at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for his haphazard stance on their relations, as well as the abysmal current trade tariffs with the U.S. and Canada  on various goods.

Trump decided his time was more well spent on other issues (and who can blame him?), leaving the G7 summit early and boarding a plane to Singapore, but not before tweeting out the following Twitter gems.

Yes, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has all but lost the confidence of his nation’s people, has even garnered the nickname of “little potato” in China, plus dressed up in traditional Indian garb on his 2018 trip to the nation. Most recently Trudeau was lambasted by Donald Trump on the world stage over Twitter, but better yet, after the G7 summit Trudeau’s false eyebrows gave way, revealing that they have in fact, been glued on all this time. The charade is truly slipping for Trudeau.

Furthermore, Donald Trump even specifically pointed out Canada’s 270% tariff on U.S. dairy, as a major stumbling block in trade.

Point made! Not long after this tweet went out was when it happened, “eyebrow gate” as it’s now being called over the Internet.

In yet another humbling moment for Justin Trudeau, who’s fast becoming a laughing stock around the world, his fake eyebrows slipped from his brows, as he tried to not admit defeat in the face of a reporter wanting some clarification on the breakdown in talks with the USA on trade tariffs.

Ouch! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had another moment of embarrassment, and it’s quite clear that Canada have elected a leader that is ruining their nation, and making a fool of them on the world stage. Alas, we had almost forgotten about the “peoplekind” comment he made on national television, which made him universally mocked over social media. It seems his liberal agenda and his puppet charade is all but falling apart at the seams. Things are not going well for Justin Trudeau, who has largely aligned himself with his globalist peers such as Angela Merkel and evil puppeteer George Soros.

Justin Trudeau seen taking orders and advice from evil billionaire George Soros, which explains a lot of Canada’s current problems. Credit: Twitter

Could this be the reason why Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing from ‘Friends’) beat up Justin Trudeau in the fifth grade, back in Canada? Was it some sort of futuristic vision that Matthew Perry had, which prompted the middle school beat down? Anyway, now let’s get a lowdown on Justin Trudeau’s waning popularity from YouTube channel, ‘Wild Smile.’

Justin Trudeau led praise for Fidel Castro (the communist dictator) upon his passing, along with Barack Obama, which raised eyebrows in all of the civilised world, which later opened the floodgates to a very presumable truth that Justin Trudeau is in fact the biological son of the late dictator from Cuba.

Fidel Castro meeting Justin for the first time, after his mother revisited the dictator with her new born baby. Credit: Guardian

Indeed, your eyes do not deceive you. It seems only custom for Justin Trudeau to meet his father, and even Castro’s eldest son, “Fidelito”, who committed suicide earlier this year, reportedly stated in his suicide note that Justin Trudeau was his younger brother whom Fidel Castro always compared him to.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say… Credit: TheAmericanMirror

Fake eyebrows aside, there’s a definitive resemblance between Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro, isn’t there? So, what next for Justin Trudeau and Canada? Well, you’ll have to wait until October 21st, 2019, when the next Canadian election arrives, to really see if Justin Trudeau will be re-elected… We believe that he won’t be picking up as many votes this time. Canada may well be in store for a new leader in the year of 2019.

US economist and trade advisor to Donald Trump, Peter Navarro told FOX News on Sunday about Justin Trudeau, stating, “There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door.”


And, how was your weekend?

Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube

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