Robert De Niro Says “F*** Trump” at The Tony Awards

At last night’s Tony Awards in New York City, Dirty Grandpa and dad in-law to the Focker Family, Jack Byrns, came onto the stage to introduce Bruce Springsteen, whilst clearly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), he let loose on an expletive rant, saying “I’m just going to say one thing, and that’s f*** Trump.”

Far from the glory days of his once illustrious acting career, this is what Robert “Bob” De Niro has become most known for (apart from utterly crap films in recent years), which is almost now akin to a man suffering from dementia. He’s clearly lost his thinking skills, making him unable to perform everyday activities like introducing Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards, without saying things like, “its no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s f*** Trump.”

Held at Radio City in New York, the crowd were treated to Robert De Niro’s latest attack on President Donald Trump, as opposed to a respectable display of introducing Mr. Springsteen, after he had some weeks earlier, banned Donald Trump from all of his Nobu restaurants, perhaps not realising that Donald Trump rarely eats sushi in the first place!

In deranged social justice warrior celebrity sects, Robert De Niro is seen as somewhat of a god, but in the rest of the world’s view, he’s now seen as somebody bordering on being classed as completely senile. So, let’s take a look at the latest travesty in the story of Robert De Niro, aka Dirty Grandpa, shall we?

And, there it was! A non-watershed moment for Robert De Niro, yet again proving his worth in making a penance to the dark lord. It’s ridiculous, but he got cheers from the Broadway crowd, who are also clearly either unaware or complicit in the corruption and crimes of which the entertainment industry and Democrats are trying to keep under wraps.

Indeed, Robert De Niro’s acting legacy has been reduced to Trump vitriol, apart from his close ties to Satanic artist Marina Abramovic, who’s been heavily implicated for her art in relation to Satanic spirit cooking rituals and even further ties to celebrities seemingly embroiled in the industry laden “PizzaGate” scandal. As Corey Feldman once said, “Pedophilia is Hollywood’s biggest problem.”

Robert De Niro next to Marina Abramovic, after opening the Tribeca Penthouse in April of 2014 in NY. Credit: TheAmbitJournal

Is the “Dirty Grandpa” pro-spirit cooking, pro-PizzaGate and pro-pedophilia? Those questions still remain, but it does raise the question, why else would Donald Trump not be a favourite of Robert De Niro? Is Robert De Niro upset that under Trump’s presidency, pedophiles and child traffickers are on the run? Your guess is as good as ours.

Whatever next from the once respectable actor Robert De Niro? Who knows? But surely, in time there will be even more misguided De Niro outbursts in the spirit of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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