Anthony Bourdain’s Old Social Media Posts Emerge Suggesting Sinister Ties

Anthony Bourdain’s death ten days ago, came and went without much introspection into this highly dubious suicide, said to have been done with a bathrobe belt, tied to a doorknob. Well, at over six feet tall, we don’t believe that anyone of his size could possibly hang himself to strangulation from a door knob, do you? This may in fact suggest that he could quite possibly have been murdered or “suicided” by the cabal, as it’s commonly known.

Prior to his reported suicide in a hotel room in Kayserberg in Strasbourg, France, Anthony Bourdain had told friends that he was happier than he had ever been before, and that he was in love and also had become infatuated, since he had begun dating known and self proclaimed witch, Asia Argento, daughter of horror and gore film director Dario Argento.

After his death, Asia Argento has seemed to be caught up in a bizarre PR campaign, about how sad and how heartbroken she is, which hardly coincides with the real way that people deal with grief. Those mourning someone’s death usually stay out of the public eye, wish for a respect to privacy and don’t profess their sadness with T-shirt slogans, hashtags and commemorative social media posts overload about how devastated she is, and sans any tears, alongside smiling friends on Instagram.

Asia Argento’s behaviour can definitely be seen as bizarre, and very strange indeed, if she’s actually grieving Anthony Bourdain’s death. Maybe she deals with it in a different way?

Asia Argento has been symbolically vocal on social media, about grieving for Anthony Bourdain. Credit: TheWrap

So, was Anthony Bourdain murdered? That’s now no longer verifiable, since surprise surprise, Anthony Bourdain was cremated without any released autopsy, and his ashes have since been flown back to America.

His death at 61-years old, whilst being worth $16 million and reportedly being in love with Asia Argento, is all very mystifying, since it doesn’t coincide with somebody about to take their own life through suicide.

Anthony Bourdain will be fondly remembered and remains a tragic loss to his family, friends and his fans, but there is a huge grey area surrounding his death that the media have chosen to overlook. What could possibly have happened? Was he murdered? Or was there something that could have been exposed about him, which made him take his own life?

Anthony Bourdain allegedly committed suicide in his hotel room located in Strasbourg, France. Credit:

Perhaps Anthony Bourdain knew too much about something within the cabal’s practices and so he was silenced? Or was it his tweets aimed at Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, which became a catalyst for something tragic to happen to him? Nobody will ever know…

When Internet researchers looked deeper into his social media posts, it showed off some extremely bizarre and ultimately sick posts from Bourdain, which would raise anyone’s eyebrows or be classed as highly suspicious, if he wasn’t a well known celebrity. But, celebrity’s seemingly get a pass for posting bizarre content.

These posts and pictures have already been compiled in the following SGT Report video, which if you haven’t already seen it, will open up your eyes, with many posts of interest found on his own Instagram page, with hints to Spirit Cooking, questionable hunting in the highlands and with rumours of the leader of NXIVM, Keith Raniere, having already released a list of clients to authorities interested in underage girls, with Anthony’s name included.

Was Anthony Bourdain on a list of clients of NXIVM leader Keith Raniere? Or is it only rumours? Credit: NewYorkPost

The latter is yet to be confirmed, but when the NXIVM trial begins, we could expect to hear more about the child sex trafficking organisation and its participants, no matter how shocking the revelations are.

Keith Raniere is facing multiple life sentences and he will most likely start singing like a canary, along with Allison Mack aka “Pimp Mack” in order to fight their charges.

Watch this video below, and fast forward to 04:13 to hear more about Anthony Bourdain’s mysterious suicide and social media posts, with additional Satanic symbolism, MK Ultra signs, and pedophilia symbols fraught across Asia Argento’s Instagram feed.


Could it be true? You be the judge!



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Featured Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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