John Travolta’s Latest Release ‘Gotti’ Gets 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes can be a fierce and intimidating place for movies of any stature and star power in this day and age. Just ask the movies in the DC Extended Universe franchise or Netflix’s Ridiculous Six (title withstanding). Whilst many new films don’t necessarily need to rely on the judgment of Rotten Tomatoes to determine their success, one may bat an eyelid or express discomfort when their release is granted a 0% rating on the website’s Tomatometer.

To give you an inkling of the movies brandished with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 0%, there are features like Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol which are both named amongst the movies listed as the worst of the worst.

To many people’s surprise (or expectations), the latest inclusion on lowest rated list is that of John Travolta’s crime based biopic named Gotti’, released on June 15th. To give you a clearer insight into how many other movies have suffered at the hands of the irredeemable 0% rating, ‘Gotti’ is the 36th entry sharing an equally poor assessment on the list.

John Travolta as Gotti hasn’t impressed critics so far.  Credit: Deadline

‘Gotti’ tells the story of legendary and notorious Gambino crime family leader John Gotti, known as the “Teflon Don” due to his stunning ability to evade conviction despite his status as the most powerful, dangerous and violent gangster in New York over a span of three decades. Travolta plays the title role of John Gotti Sr. with support from Kelly Preston (Battlefield Earth) and Stacy Keach (The Bourne Legacy).

‘Gotti’, directed by Kevin Connolly, was always in contention for disaster with Connolly being brought to the project as the fourth director to take the reins following Nick Cassavetes, Barry Levinson, and Joe Johnston. ‘Gotti’, once a Lionsgate project, has been in the making for ten years and was abandoned by Lionsgate at the request of producers. Following the dismissal of Lionsgate, Vertical Entertainment and MoviePassVentures took control as the new distributors, aiming to pursue a wide summer release for the movie.

The critics have destroyed Gotti and it’s not hard to see why, even from the surface . Credit: Variety

Following the bomb of ‘Gotti’, Travolta will likely aim to forget such a prolific career blunder, and move forward within his profession. We wonder how much of his performance counts for the 0% rating. It’s probably never a good idea to star alongside your wife in a film, such as he does with Kelly Preston.

Movie bombs like Gotti’ on Rotten Tomatoes can make or break careers for up and coming directors like Connelly, and with only seven other directorial credits to his name, this could even signal the end of his directorial journey. Maybe stick to acting, Kevin?


Story by Bailey Spray 

Featured Photo Credit: HustleTV

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