US Cinemas Issue Seizure Warnings For ‘The Incredibles 2’

It’s been fourteen years since the first movie for ‘The Incredibles’ was released, and many have been waiting in anticipation for the sequel ever since. The film’s sequel was released on June 5th and has been all the rage lately, managing to fly past $200 million in the box office in only four days. It has also raked in $182.7m in its opening weekend, making it the highest ever opening for an animated film. Step aside, ‘Frozen!’

However, despite the film’s obvious success and major hype, cinemas in the US have had to display seizure warnings for the new film, for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

Several people expressed their concerns on Twitter about flashing images in the film. The Epilepsy Foundation also released a statement, advising “viewer caution” and that there had been incidents of the audience “having experienced a seizure during the movie.”

The Epilepsy Foundation stated, “We stand with our epilepsy warriors and their families as they voice their concerns about the movie and appreciate the efforts some theatres have already made to post warning signs for people waiting to see the movie.”

Warning! The hugely successful ‘The Incredibles 2’ may cause seizures. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Some viewers have called out Pixar for failing to issue a epilepsy warning in the first place. One particular viewer was disappointed that she couldn’t take her epileptic daughter to see the film.

She wrote to the animation studio: “I’m bummed that you didn’t think to put out a warning about The Incredibles 2 for those who suffer from epilepsy. I’m so sad that I won’t be able to take my daughter who’s been excited for weeks because she has epilepsy and we don’t want to trigger a seizure.”

Neither Disney nor Pixar have yet commented on this issue, but US cinemas have heard the concerns of viewers, and started putting out their own warnings for those going to see the film.

“Major shoutout to the Jordan Creek movie theater for posting epilepsy warning signs for The Incredibles 2. Thanks for looking out for those of us with epilepsy.” one viewer wrote.

The film’s propensity to cause seizures in those that suffer from epilepsy has caused a major storm on social media, with concerned and disappointed parents, lamenting Disney and Pixar for failing to heed the warning for eager cinema goers. Disney and Pixar are expected to respond to this latest controversy surrounding the film, with at least a comment, one would hope.

Sadly, the sequel is not yet out in the United Kingdom, but is due to be released on July 13th. Hopefully cinemas in the UK will issue warnings on the flashing images and issue a warning for those that suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

It is best advised to be cautious when watching ‘The Incredibles 2’, if you or anyone that you know is sensitive to flashing images or has had epileptic fits in the past, as the film might trigger a reaction if you’re not prepared.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: Disney

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