Bill Clinton Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 Times & More Info

Here’s some news that occurred a couple of weeks ago, that you may have missed, which is entirely true and to deny it, is only helping to cement yourself as a person that is living out the “ignorance is bliss” slogan in every day life. So, for how much longer will the sexual crimes of Bill Clinton be overlooked by the public? Hopefully for not much longer, when more of the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop is revealed, which also implicated Hillary Clinton.

Well, so let’s watch what happened when Howard Caplan, host of The Traffick Report Show, confronted Bill Clinton in front of a seemingly unaware audience of Bill’s escapades aboard convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet on route to and from, his private island, named Little St. James Island, shall we?

Since it’s a big moment in the “great awakening” movement that people really need to see, with a very unresponsive Bill Clinton.

Nice work from Howard Caplan there! Thus, leaving Bill Clinton speechless in the process, with only deranged liberals continuing to protect him in their feeble minds, who truly cannot handle the truth, because it shatters their liberal idiocy and their fake matrix of lies of which they have been fed over the years.

Yes, Bill Clinton travelled on the Lolita Express jet plane 26 times, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to already know what happened (happens) on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, in the British Virgin Islands, do you? This has been revealed over time (to the public consciousness) and even video evidence is now being held tightly in the hands of unsaid authorities and military authoritarian personnel, able to use it in future tribunals against well known elitists and politicians that engaged in sickening acts with children and even worse on this very island and beyond…

Credit: TheMichaelTrimmShow

What “they” fear most is the public awakening and as this day draws ever nearer, and without the exact date known when even more is revealed… Q has helpfully summarised before that day comes, that ‘these people will not be able to walk down the street, one day.’

All this information in possession of unsaid authorities, is a major leverage against the elitist cabal, involved in child sex trafficking, human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse, human sacrifice and other shocking realities, that are almost too hard for anybody to fathom. Is it just a conspiracy theory? Evidence is mounting, though…

But now let’s go back to a Q post on the subject of Epstein’s Island, shall we? Q speaks of it specifically in early April 2018 and we must share it again.

Credit: YouTube

Anyway, remember the Chinese phone maker ZTE? The one that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats brokered a deal with, in order to have what they thought was a totally secure communication interface away from prying eyes? Well, in thinking that they had a totally secure network, it turns out, that it wasn’t secure at all. As was reportedly gathered and hinted at by said Q posts, that these elitists’ had used these ZTE phones on Epstein’s Island (and beyond) and all the while, the Chinese phone maker ZTE had been storing all the photos and videos and data on servers back in China. Now that’s some news that you may not be aware of!

After this revelation, Q had often written, “These People Are Stupid” presumably in reference to the ZTE phone maker collecting data on servers back in China.

Another phrase by Q, stated many times, “We Have Everything”, suggesting the possession of incriminating evidence on various elitists’, politicians and celebrities, that frequented Epstein Island.

After those Q posts on Epstein Island were made public in early April, which exposed that Jeffrey Epstein was in the process of covering up an underground tunnel system beneath the Island, at the cost of $29 million, suddenly and mysteriously after that, the Island caught on fire… What are the chances, eh? One in a trillion, perhaps?

Credit: ThreadReader

But, surely all a coincidence, right? Evidence of this sort, hints at the sick Satanic sexual abuse of children, rampant pedophilia, which has also been well documented, since Epstein’s conviction for pedophilia and furthermore, in the information given to Wikileaks in the damning “info” gathered of the scandalised Democrat National Committee that lost the election in 2016 to Donald Trump.

This resulted in the murder of DNC leaker Seth Rich by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, by the use of MS-13 gang members to assassinate him, which was approved by well known pedophile John Podesta, as is evidenced in the DNC leaked emails via Wikileaks.

Not to mention, Podesta’s spirit cooking invitation from Marina Abramovic and the relative exposed PizzaGate emails, plus with the additional sickening content found on convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop by NYPD, from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, along with the Qanon posts about this, saying “These People Are Sick”, puts many people in a precarious position today. Is this why Robert De Niro is so angry all the time? Nobody knows…

Here’s a look at the Epstein Island from 2017, with the temple seen, the many points of the Island in an aerial view, just to show how secluded these elitists’ could go about their sickening acts, without being disturbed, only arriving by the official Lolita Express, like Bill Clinton 26 times.

So, we hope that this piece sums up only some of the revelations to come (The Great Awakening), and it also emphasises what many people do not know about the burgeoning and threatening landscape for those implicated in the leaked emails and in cell phone data from ZTE servers back in China, plus information which was also summoned via Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Perhaps, it’s not the children in detention centres in the USA currently, which we should be most worried and outraged about? Maybe, think of the children that have been abused and that are no longer here, just maybe?

Without even needing to mention Keith Raniere’s NXIVM child trafficking cult and or the very profitable black market of human organ harvesting. Or how about “Adrenochrome” and just what is a “Pedovore” exactly? Is there a link between them all? Follow the White Rabbit!


Happy Summer Solstice everyone and keep your children safe!

Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube 


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