Melania Trump Sends Message To Fake News Networks After Incredible Bias

FLOTUS Melania Trump has sent a message to those that know how incredibly biased the mainstream media is, with them once again being in full on attack mode on President Donald Trump in the wake of the furore over the separating families at the border law, which was a move passed by Bill Clinton in 1996, a full 22 years ago. The law created a legal loophole in another 1997 legal judgement, which separated children from their parents while illegal immigrant families were held in captivity, which resulted in an amount of time that kids were allowed to be kept in confinement, thus separating them from families by default.

This controversy became the latest leftist George Soros and Democrat cabal news network ploy and liberal derangement brainwashing tactic for viewers to selectively blame Donald Trump, even though this law was not his doing in the first place.

Why are we not surprised? As we revealed in yesterday’s article, Bill Clinton passed the law, George W. Bush exercised it to its full potential, and so did Barack Obama, yet only now does the biased mainstream media use it to attack Donald Trump, but to their dismay, Trump has already signed an executive order yesterday preventing families and children from being separated in the legal loophole,  created by Democrats.

So, the problem has already been fixed, but the fake news networks won’t stop the news circus just yet, as they need to run with this story for a while longer, until the next selective outrage, aimed at Trump. Clearly just another witch hunt…

Detention centres are overflowing with kids crossing the border. Mind you, this is from Barack Obama’s tenure. There’s mainly males and no children, just like today. Credit: USA Today

Interestingly enough, a couple of days ago, actor Peter Fonda (who’s no longer relevant), tweeted that Melania Trump’s son Barron Trump, who is 12-years old, should be ripped from his mothers arms and be placed in a cage full of pedophiles in order to be molested.

Yes, Peter Fonda was advocating kidnapping and pedophilia in his own take on the news media circus of the separated families. An absolutely disgusting tweet from the washed up actor. Indeed, he did write that, which may signal the pedophilia present in Hollywood, yet Peter Fonda’s new film will be released, and his horrific tweet wasn’t even covered by the mainstream news media. There was simply no outrage of Peter Fonda’s tweet calling for a pedophilia attack on Barron Trump, was there?

You can imagine that Melania Trump was disgusted (as all sane people were), and even she cannot deny the fake news media bias any longer. This prompted her to wear a jacket that said, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” in a message to Trump supporters and the general public, about the selective outrage and overall disgusting nature of the biased news networks and their treatment of the Trump family in the media.

Despite the furious public outcry over the jacket, Melania Trump put it back on for her return trip. Credit: AP

Just look at Peter Fonda’s comments about Barron Trump, about how pedophiles should molest him, but Roseanne Barr gets her show (watched by over 27 million people) cancelled over comparing Iranian born Valerie Jarrett to a character from the Planet of the Apes (which she does look like), and Hollywood will still release Peter Fonda’s latest film. Hollywood hypocrisy, at its finest.

That’s some disgusting selective outrage from the left, incredible bias and huge hypocrisy from the mainstream news media, as well as the deranged anti-Trump people as usual!

This is why we don’t care to listen to fake mainstream news for over two years, nor their instigated outrage over stories aimed to cause more Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s the Fake News media for you!

Here’s Barack Obama during his presidency, talking about children and families, crossing the border and being against it, even though he tried to double down and blame Donald Trump days earlier at a World Refugee Day appearance speech, over the separating of families at the border controversy.

Yes, the left is biased, crazed, idiotic and embarrassing, and no, we don’t care about the fake mainstream news media, do you?

We’re with Melania Trump 100% on this one, because they’re a circus clown performance of incredible bias. The $39 Zara jacket is surely a nice fashion statement and we wonder if they have one for men in the same colour?

A steal at only $39 and it’s a very cool jacket indeed, and it might just sell out now that Melania Trump has worn it. Credit: CNN


Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: REUTERS

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