Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams & Scammer Call Centres

With the rise of the cryptocurrency boom and its unpredictable stability, along with the tons of interested people seeking to make quick money out of it and investing with little to no knowledge of how it actually works, this environment has seen a coinciding amount of cryptocurrency scams popping up all over the place.

Indeed, a whole cryptocurrency scammers industry now exists, and it has been in motion for a while. Whether it’s duping you with misleading investments, to call centres that install malware on your computer during troubleshooting and then go through your computer to steal personal information. Or clean out your bank account, or usually your digital wallets, with such scams and the frequency of such cryptocurrency scams ever increasing.

Furthermore, these losses can be in the region of tens of thousands of dollars and beyond, making this a very lucrative business for criminals and con-men to use in leaving your pockets empty, after you’ve even failed to see the scam coming.

India has been the centre of the biggest cryptocurrency scams ever, so far. Credit: Quartz

Such is the confusion with the new craze of cryptocurrency investments, which, if you’re not aware of what’s your doing, then you might just be scammed unknowingly. Plus nowadays, plenty of call centres are based in India, and there should be little to no surprise that cryptocurrency support lines are also often operating from there. In these cases, it’s best to do your due diligence to prevent yourself from being scammed in one of the following ways.

Whether, it’s an email phishing scam, a classic ponzi scheme, fake web applications, fake digital wallets or imitation websites, there’s so many ways of being scammed and there’s plenty of cases of willing novice cryptocurrency investors being left out of pocket to the tune of vast amounts of money.

So, in the spirit of exposing this wretched criminal practice of defrauding cryptocurrency novices, prank caller “Ownage Pranks” is on the ball and creates some hilarious content in bringing the notion of cryptocurrency scammers into the public domain. Let’s take a look!

Read up on some cryptocurrency scams from India, right here! In short, be aware of cryptocurrency scams, and do make sure you know what you’re doing before investing and potentially giving your hard earned money away to the people who are only pretending to help you.

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Featured Photo Credit: DNA India


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