Graham Linehan Reveals Cancer Diagnosis To Fans

Sad news today, as the creator of some of Britain’s most beloved comedies has confirmed that he has testicular cancer. Graham Linehan, the creator behind popular comedies such as Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd revealed to his Twitter following that he had “received a bit of bad news”.

Graham announced that he has “a little touch of the old cancer”, adding: “Luckily, ball cancer is one of the best ones to have (sorry, ladies!), and they got rid of it all pretty quickly, along with a ball.

“Bye, ball! I’ll never forget the good times!”.

The news of his diagnosis follows after Graham cancelled his upcoming Australia tour for “personal reasons”. He apologised to his Australian fans who had bought tickets to the event that he was due to host.

“I’m hoping to make it back next year,” he said, before telling his fans not to worry if there’s any “moments of quiet” from him in the upcoming months.

Source: Filmbase

Graham is also due to undergo chemotheraphy, which is something he’s “not looking forward to… but it’s better than dying”, adding that he was “dealing” with the situation.

“I’m hoping I’ll just continue to be the happy-go-lucky, beloved Twitter personality you all know, but if there are moments of quiet from me, don’t worry, I’m just dealing with it.”

Graham then thanked his fans for their support, writing:¬†“People are so nice. You forget sometimes.”

On a more positive note, it was confirmed earlier this month that Graham and writer Arthur Matthews were writing a musical version of Father Ted, along with Neil Hannon (known for The Divine Comedy). Graham said that the show was “coming along nicely” and that he was at a point where he could “walk away from it for a while”.

Source: Telegraph

As well as support from fans, other celebrities offered their moral support, including Irish comedian Dara O’Briain who joked that Graham would be a “sleeker through water” as a result of his surgery.

“You seem to be taking this all in your stride, which is all the more impressive, given how tricky striding must be,” Actor Rufus Hound joked.

We wish Graham a successful recovery from his illness, and that he continues to remain optimistic throughout his treatment, and also wish him years more of writing some of peoples favourite TV programs.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: Storythings Ltd

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