The UK In Mass Migrant Apocalypse

It’s official, there are just way too much effin’ people in the UK now. With the influx and hordes of migrants cramming themselves into car bonnets and risking life and limb (literally) to taste those free NHS pharmaceuticals, it seems the sheer temptation of those ever-seductive free benefits, free healthcare and that cherry on the top, free housing is just too hard to resist, the UK has now become the bona fide Trump tower of refugee camps.

The latest UK population figures that were released show the UK at staggering 66 million population estimate, with a 392,000 rise in numbers just within the last year.

For those who aren’t particularly bright when it comes to numbers and mathematics (i.e. Diane Abbott) that is a 59 percent rise due for the most part to immigration and a 41 per cent to natural factors. Those so called ‘natural’ factors no doubt includes the rampant breeding of refugee babies like rabbits, seeing as white ‘empowered’ feminists consider popping into the abortion clinic a daily morning ritual, like going into Starbucks for a quick vanilla soy cappuccino.

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Some of that 41 per cent increase was down to the birth rate exceeding the death rate. Yes, it’s official, mutant migrants are overthrowing and invading us, like something out of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, just with more cultural problems and social baggage from wherever they come from.

The effect is most pronounced and noticeable in London and in other city areas that have seen high levels of immigration in recent years with more Britons now choosing to leave the centre all together, for more rural and countryside locations, where people actually drink afternoon tea and eat finely cut cucumber sandwiches, rather than greasy processed halal chicken from the local Chicken Cottage.

With the void of middle class English folk and with the rampant rise of violent knife crime and acid attacks in Sadiq Khan’s London, of which a murder rate has grown to overtake New York City, a ghetto of class of cultural differences has been created, where brewing social segregation and community tension, eclipse the idealised utopia of an Angela Merkel multicultural wet dream.


Diversity in this instance has equal division in which migrants fail to integrate into British society and accept and respect British traditions and cultures, often forcing and adapting their ideologies onto native citizens instead. That once pebbled picturesque English lane is now resembling a Syrian wasteland, as the mandatory group of migrant men huddle together and leer at those bear-kneed provocative western women.

But it’s not just London that is currently in the midst of apparent cultural enrichment. The second largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom, Birmingham, has been described as ‘super diverse’ in the past, since it had a report published in which it was found that over 50,000 residents in this ‘super diverse’ city, cannot even speak English, but yet still find it conveniently possible to fill in benefit forms as if by magic.

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The report also showed that British white people were on track to become a minority with 42.1 per cent of people in Birmingham classifying themselves as non-white British in the 2011 census.

That was an increase of 12 per cent from the 2001 survey and if the rate continues by the time of the next census in 2021 more than half of the city’s 1.2 million-plus population will be from an ethnic minority. It doesn’t take the mathematical genesis of Diane Abbott to work out that something is seriously wrong here.


Story by Michael Lee

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