Could the Assassinated Former DNC Staffer Seth Rich Still Be Alive?

In an increasing buzz in the truther movement in the past couple of days, there have been rumours circulating that former DNC staffer on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign, Seth Rich, is still alive. Seth Rich was shot and murdered in cold blood (shot in the back) on July 10, 2016, by paid MS-13 members (that later turned up dead themselves) after Seth was the suspected culprit (Patriot) and leaker in helping to pass on the vast treasure trove of damning DNC emails to Julian Assange at Wikileaks, thus exposing their crimes to the world, which is still part of the ongoing #GreatAwakening movement.

As Qanon always says, ‘We Have Everything’ in reference to the shady dealings of the DNC, exposing the Democrat crimes of the those that intended to destroy America from within, with liberalism and marxism covered up as Democratic socialism and even worse.

World renowned pedophile and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager at the time, John Podesta, seemingly authorised the shooting and killing of Seth Rich, as is seen in the leaked DNC emails, in which he stated, “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it”.

Once they found their suspect, Seth Rich was shot and killed leaving a bar in the Bloomingdale neighbourhood of the Washington D.C. area in the AM (early morning) hours, just a block away from his apartment.

Credit: TheImpiousDigest

However, what if Seth Rich survived the shooting and didn’t die? After his death, quite a few people thought that Seth Rich was in direct contact with Wikileaks, and that he may have provided the intelligence which has exposed numerous DNC scandals, including money laundering, (Clinton Foundation) pay to play , Hillary Clinton’s private email server evidence, pedophilia, human trafficking, ties to MS-13, ties to Satanism, and other possibly even worse schemes and sickening acts, such as the Uranium One deal and more information on the very shady Iran deal, dating back to the Obama era. As Q says, ‘We Have Everything’

Let’s think of it like this… What if Seth Rich had provided a pathway for the DNC servers to be monitored entirely? What if Seth Rich was an insider to expose the crimes of the DNC to ensure their downfall? Then surely Patriots, and those that love America, may have even been aware that Seth Rich had become a target for assassination, once the DNC realised that they had been hacked, or that there was a leaker from within. Imagine that..

Is Seth Rich dead or alive? Credit: Red Ice

Did Seth Rich have some protection in place, if anything should happen to him? Was Seth Rich a spy against the leftists Satanic agenda? Or was he just a Patriot Democrat that wanted to expose the DNC for their internal crimes and scandals, once he realised that it went against everything that he stood for as a Patriot American?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was thought to have organised the hit or assassination of Seth Rich via MS-13 gang members in order to kill him, after they began suspected him as being the source of the leaks. But, what if he survived the attack and was taken into a protective program, as an ongoing source and became apart of the Q team?

Nobody knows for sure… but rumours have begun circulating in truther circles, after people suggested that he has been spotted after his death. Yes, people claim that the man seen in the backseat of a limousine where Rudy Giuliani is driving, shows Seth Rich alive and well, with fellow Patriot bosses. Let’s take a look at some slides from these rumours, cropping up in recent days, shall we?

Is Seth Rich still alive and apart of the Qanon team now? Is that him in the back of the car or even disguised at a political rally? Were the shots he got in the back from MS-13, in that cowardly assassination, enough to kill him? And, if he survived, could he have been taken into a witness protection program?

All of these rumours and all this circumstantial evidence is very compelling, and we truly hope that Seth Rich is still very much alive. Either way, he will go down in American history as probably one of the most important figures in contemporary times, once the full extent of the DNC crimes come even mores so, into the public knowledge, more than it already is.

“His Name Was Seth Rich” has become a terminology synonymous for Patriots whom have praised him in the process of the #GreatAwakening. Furthermore, Julian Assange had long ago dispelled what we already know about the extremely “Fake News” about Russian meddling in the US election of 2016, and has even said that Wikileaks sources have absolutely nothing to do with Russia and never have. The Russia collusion story is a major witch hunt and fake news, and we all know it.

However, deranged liberals have long ran with that false story, however, it’s been proved to be nothing more than a drawn out, fake news story, with Robert Mueller’s special investigation counsel becoming a laughing stock, trying to cover up the crime of the deep state.

Anyway, as to how much involvement Seth Rich has had on any Wikileaks information is also not confirmed, but people can suspect that is indeed, the case. We just hope that the rumours are true, in that Seth Rich could still be alive after surviving an assassination attempt. Those who know, have had to play along with his reported death, so as to cover up and keep the DNC in the dark since his murder. There are also researchers and anonymous news spreaders, and even hinted at by Q himself, that Julian Assange, may no longer be in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, sometime after his Internet was cut off this spring and that he is also in a witness protection program, or at least he’s being protected with the good people, aligned with authoritarian Patriots. We hope that Julian Assange is now free, as has been suggested by Qanon researchers, after he’d already been flown out of London, the United Kingdom, departing in the night. We can hope that is true, also.

However, the rumour of Seth Rich being alive is equally as compelling, and if he’s still alive, this would be huge signal of dominance and victory against the left. Seth Rich being alive hasn’t been said by Qanon or by Q officially, but it has been suggested by Anonymous posts from others, on said Qanon posts, which may or may not be right on the target. Either way, let’s hope that Seth Rich is alive, or resting in peace somewhere in heaven… Rest in Power (peace).



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Featured Photo Credit: BlackListed News

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