Actor Johnny Depp Sued For Assaulting Crew Member On Set Of “City of Lies”

Actor Johnny Depp is being sued by a crew member for allegedly assaulting him on set of “City of Lies”, an upcoming movie surrounding the killing of rappers’ Tupac and Notorious BIG. Did Johnny Depp crack the case in character as Detective Russell Poole? The film is set to spark new interest into the unsolved murders and perhaps reveal how Russell Poole died of a heart attack in mysterious circumstances.

Location manager, Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, claims Johnny Depp screamed obscenities at him, punched him twice in the ribs before offering him money to punch him back. Yes, some of you might have heard, so either Depp was provoked or brought out of

Regardless, on the film set, official documents were filed in Los Angeles on just this Monday, which says the incident occurred outside the Barclay Hotel back in April 2017, during filming of the movie, which is a highly anticipated film at that.

Tupac and Notorious BIG, a friendship started and ended by their music. Credit: Medium

According to Rocky Brooks, the production team had permission to film up until 7pm outside the hotel in LA, and until 10pm inside the building, but you know on location shoots, tensions can rise and that seems like exactly what happened on “City of Lies”.

Despite being granted an extension on the filming time, Rocky asked the film’s director (Brad Furman) to finish filming for the day, to lock it in the can, so to speak. However, he alleges the that director Brad Furman said: “Why don’t you tell that to Johnny Depp?”

Rocky said that instead of approaching the actor directly, so he attempted to talk to an on-site police officer, but was apprehended by Johnny, who allegedly shouted at him: “Who the f*** are you? You have no right to tell me what to do!”

Johnny Depp has been caught up in a lot of controversy lately, and this is just the latest incident. Source: People

Johnny then followed up with: “I don’t give a f*** who you are and you can’t tell me what to do” and it was at that point that he allegedly punched Rocky twice in the rib cage.

Following this, he said the actor responded to his “composure” after the attack by challenging him to hit him back in exchange for money. Well, when you’re Johnny Depp and he’s re-acting the late Russel Poole, can you blame him? But, we wonder if he cared when Russel Poole mysteriously died of a heart attack?

Anyway, Depp like the class act that he is, said, “I will give you $100,000 (£75,000) to punch me in the face right now.” And, It was at this point that his bodyguards are said to have removed the illustrious actor from the set altogether.

Later after the incident, Rocky also claimed that he was wrongfully sacked from the production of the film, only one week later, after he refused to sign papers promising not to sue the production company for the incident.

Currently, he’s currently seeking undisclosed damages from Johnny Depp, director Brad Furman, producer Miriam Segal and the production company ‘Good Film Productions’ after the heated exchange occurred.

Johnny Depp as Russell Poole (legend). It’s an amazing role for Johnny Depp, in order to resurrect his faltering acting career where he’s been known more as a pirate in Disney movies.  Source: Esquire

Anyway, this isn’t the first legal battle that Depp has found himself in, as he’s also fighting an ongoing legal battle with his ex-manager’s and former lawyers, claiming they cheated him out of millions of dollars. We’re talking stupendous sums of lost revenue of which Johnny Depp is still trying to find.

Last year, Depp went through a bitter divorce battle with his ex wife, actress Amber Heard, who seems to have been done with Elon Musk and most recently Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex, Vito Schnabel as well, who are now currently dating.

Johnny Depp was accused of domestic violence against Amber Heard, and while he denied the domestic abuse claims, he did pay Amber Heard $7 million (£5.3 million) in that settlement with her. However, her publicist team tried to claim that Amber didn’t keep the money, but none of that is confirmed.

Amber Heard and Vito Schnabel seen together at Wimbledon. Credit: Express

As for the film itself, “City of Lies” which explores the unsolved murders of Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur, we wonder what, if anything, we will learn that’s new surrounding the case of the unsolved Biggie and Tupac murders.

Johnny Depp plays retired LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigates the cases of the mysterious murders of both Tupac and Biggie, that have never been solved. Funny that, eh?

Poole had an advanced theory about the Tupac and BIG’s murders, but died of heart attack in mysterious circumstances some years ago. Credit: Daily Mail

Forest Whitaker stars alongside Depp, playing as a journalist trying to unearth the truth about the murders. The film is due for a UK release in September of 2018.

On the legal side of things, and we’re yet to find out what the settlement will be between the two fighting camps over the incident on set, Johnny Depp has also been immersed in spiralling finances lately and this could well be the film that at least gets him back on track in terms of on screen acting. Hopefully the on-set controversy will not ruin the potential of this film, as it looks like it’s a great performance. Watch the trailer below!


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: DigitalSpy


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