Will A Sadiq Khan Balloon Be Allowed To Fly In Protest Of Baby Trump Stunt?

With President Donald Trump come and gone from the UK, a lot of talk was made of the orange inflatable baby Trump balloon which was expected to be a huge centre piece of a protest held by anti-Trump protesters that would fly over Westminster and show the world how much the UK apparently hates the democratically elected President of the United States.

Instead, all we got was a bit of a… Well… Dud!

The balloon, which only came in at a mere six-meter (20 foot) and only rose 10 meters from the ground, was seen as complete and utter failure, with many branding it “embarrassing” and that it made the UK look “childish” on the world stage.

Compare the noise and screams of pink hat wearing protesters shouting vulgarities while angrily holding illiterate placards they held the last time they protested over democracy (Brexit, Theresa May etc.) to the grace and class of the state visit French president Emmanuel Macron gave the American President, and it shows that us Brits need some more formal training on how to be elegant, well, at least the one’s who don’t claim Universal Tax Credit, anyway.

Credit: Belfast Daily

So, as a clever counter attack, Donald Trump fans have come up with a devious and hilarious scheme to hit back at Sadiq Khan over the controversial Trump baby blimp that was given the seal of approval by the Major of London, who has been obnoxiously critical of the U.S. President since his election.

Crowdfunding has already begun for the humiliating Sadiq Khan balloon portraying the London mayor as a crying baby – and as a result have smashed their financial target already. In fact, more than £50,000 has been raised by the online fundraiser in just a week. That’s more than double of that of the baby Trump shambles blimp.

However, it’s unclear if the Sadiq Khan baby balloon will even receive permission from the Greater London Authority and the Major of London to fly over London at any time.

Given that Sadiq Khan has previously stated that “hurt feelings” should not get in the way of a people’s right to protest, we would assume that a balloon portraying the current London Mayor wouldn’t hurt his own feelings either.

Credit: FreedomWorkshop

A celebratory message posted on the fundraiser read: ‘A truly MONUMENTAL effort by everyone who has supported, shared and donated! We’ve completely blown the organisers of the ‘baby Trump’ balloon off the park.’

‘Unlike the Baby Trump team who plan to take their inflatable on ‘tour’, i.e. using the money they raised to have a few holidays, fund luxury hotels and probably fly first class, we are putting ALL of the money into hosting a demo in Whitehall, called “Make London Safe Again” due to be held in August, where Baby Khan will flown into the London sky!’

‘There will be mini “baby Khan” balloons for supporters on the day (not from Moonpig!) and we’re even working on a plane with an 80ft banner to take to the skies in our protest!’

‘This is about putting as much pressure as possible on Khan and showing him that we don’t want him as our Mayor any longer! We’ll be using this event to raise awareness of the soaring crime in London under Khan and be supporting as many victims of crime in London as possible.’

‘Remember, the more money we raise the BIGGER the demonstration and more chance we have of removing Sadiq and can begin to Make London Safe Again.’

Credit: Smiths Daily

Sadiq Khan has been criticized by Trump for failing to control crime and prevent militant attacks, along with an escalating crime rate, with spikes in stabbings, shootings and rape, at all time record highs numbers.

Indeed, London has become a city plagued by a huge rise in general violent crime and rape under the Mayorship of Sadiq Khan. There has been just over 89 murders in the capital since the start of the year. These deaths include stabbings and shootings in a country that has a strict no-gun policy.

With such horrific figures in 2018 alone, it means that for the first time in history London’s homicide rate overtook that of New York, which has the same population numbers. He also said that “changing the culture” of Europe negatively is a result of mass migration.

Sadiq Khan refused to block the blimp’s approval – claiming that doing so would infringe free speech rights. So, it will be interesting to see if he gives the approval of this act of freedom of speech, or if he is just blowing hot air.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Zistaz

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