Far Cry 5 DLC ‘Lost on Mars’ Released Today

With the World Cup in Russia now over, and with a chance to set FIFA 18’s World Cup mode to the side to start playing other games again, it’s welcome news that ‘Far Cry 5’ has some further downloadable content for us to enjoy called ‘Lost on Mars’. In essence, it’s an entirely new game within the base game that you can download via the in-game menu if you own the content through a season pass, or if you bought one of the special editions of the original game.

This will be a welcome addition to the original ‘Far Cry 5’ game, which has already seen you take on the evil religious cult of Eden’s Gate, with you rooting them out in stages with a hefty shotgun or assault rifle, over three vast countryside landscapes in “Hicksville”, Montana… actually, it’s called Hope County. That was truly a lot of fun, and we expect ‘Lost on Mars’ to be equally as fun, but with a more lighthearted and comedic feel to it.

Ubisoft’s original game was a success (and thoroughly enjoyable), even though they seem to have highlighted a cult (cabal) in reverse from the real life political climate, but now we’ve got outer space to contend with, so we’re looking forward to it. This latest downloadable content follows the hugely popular ‘Hours of Darkness’ Vietnam themed content released in early June, so all in all, ‘Far Cry 5’ is just that game that keeps on giving, in our humble opinion.

‘Far Cry 5’ just keeps on giving to the gamers, with already two DLC extras available as new games within. Credit: Metro

The ‘Lost on Mars’ storyline premise is as follows: ‘Nick Rye is teleported to a hostile planet to help his buddy Hurk thwart an alien invasion of Earth. This adventure gives players a new arsenal of alien weaponry, including the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire and Morphinator, while also introducing a new transversal tool with Space Jets.’ 

Without further a due, let’s see the official teaser trailer of ‘Far Cry 5: ‘Lost on Mars’.

That trailer was released six days ago, and trusted talkative sidekick Hurk Drubman Jr. does indeed return from previous Far Cry games in this latest DLC instalment. You play as Nick Rye in order to tackle alien creatures and space “trap door” arachnids, thus preventing them from invading Earth. Once the game gets under way, you discover that Drubman is now a talking head, after being severed into pieces by space crabs, but he’s still there to lend his funny rhetoric as you explore Mars.

All in a day’s work we suppose for this welcome addition to the ‘Far Cry 5’ game, but let’s get a better idea what’s in store with some gameplay footage and overview of ‘Lost on Mars’.

There’s a whole host of enemies to gun down, with hilariously named weapons such as the “Nut Hugger” and abilities like the “Cock Blocker”. There’s even an inclusive mission to locate a detached human penis, which is quite strange to say the least. Also, there are mini missions to retrieve the various pieces of Hurk Drubman, to make him a whole human once again. Hey, what are friends for?

The story is said to be better than ‘Hours of Darkness’, and a lot more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a total of thirteen weapons available to use, with mini queen bosses and big bosses as your targets for elimination after progressing through the red planet.

Yes, ‘Far Cry 5’ is solidifying itself over and over again as a must have  game, with even more downloadable content available in some months time (yet to be revealed). If you don’t already own a copy of the original game, now would definitely be the time to get involved, since you’ll be getting the “Hope County” original game, plus a Vietnam war story, and now the latest ‘Lost on Mars’ game in one. Happy gaming everyone!


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