Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show ‘Who Is America?’ Insults War Veterans

On Monday night, Channel 4 showed Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series called ‘Who is America?”, and we were one of the one million people who reportedly tuned in, according to Nielson ratings. However, what we watched was unbelievably unfunny and highly unintelligent, which is a far cry from his other works which featured characters like Ali G, Borat and Brüno, who played on people’s perceptions in front of the cameras, to usual laughter from candid moments with those that he interacted with.

We’re going to go right out and say that ‘Who is America?’ already seems like a major flop for Sacha Baron Cohen, as he proceeds to investigate America yet again, but this time with a multitude of different characters as opposed to Borat, Brüno or Ali G.

We’re only one episode in, but in his interviews posing as a disabled American on a mobility scooter (which he used to interview communist Bernie Sanders), plus posing an Israeli gun advocate in the United States pushing for children to have firearms with gun lobbyists, and as an ex-convict from England that makes art out of his own excrement that also collects pubic hair, were all entirely distasteful and moronic at their core, and not even funny in the slightest.

However, the ultra liberal character had some shades of humour, but it was all still way over the top and it didn’t raise so much as a genuine laugh due to the extremely childish humour permeating throughout.

The star of the show, Sacha Baron Cohen has high hopes for ‘Who is America?’ but not everyone is convinced. Credit:

Is Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show intended for 5-year old children, or did we miss something? Yes, it truly does look like Sacha Baron Cohen is well past his sell by date, if this new show is anything to go by. Not so much as one laugh from us was conjured during the 45 minute program, so we don’t envisage as many people tuning in for the second episode which airs on Monday at 9pm (GMT).

The new show is a mockumentary style series hoping to portray various characters across the political spectrum, and as for the participants that are supposedly fooled by his disguises, we wonder how long it really took for them to see beyond the mask and realize that it was all just part of Sacha Cohen’s new Showtime series.

The show premiered in the US on Showtime at 10pm on Sunday night, with Nielson stats suggesting that 327,000 tuned in for first airing of the pilot. The numbers rose to 375,000 on the four re-runs of the first episode, whilst 301,000 viewed it online, with the anticipation of the show resulting in more Showtime sign ups to the streaming service on Sunday night.

Bernie Sanders got tricked into appearing for an interview with Baron Cohen in disguise. Credit: Showtime

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘Who is America?’ scored a 0.1% rating in the 18-49 demographic, which they described as “modest”. That could be the sign of the impending slump that’s soon to come, as most people will find the new series boring and unfunny, if the quality of the jokes is anything to go by.

Sacha Baron Cohen has been called “sick” by former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, for duping her into an interview by posing as a disabled war veteran, something which the production team now refutes and says is false.

Sarah Palin stormed out partway through the interview with Cohen posing as a disabled war veteran, and now Palin has shot back on Facebook, telling Cohen to “suck it up cupcake” amidst the burgeoning offensive controversy over his methods to create comedy, which is more of a nuisance to be fair, and is frankly not even comedy at this stage.

Sarah Palin added, “Showtime’s latest statement is more BS. They continue to deceive as they have from day 1. They continue to defend (and pay) a man who jokes about raping wives, mocks homosexuals and lies for a living.”

Sarah Palin claims Sacha Baron Cohen impersonated a wounded war veteran. Credit: Getty Images

One thing you shouldn’t do is piss off Sarah Palin. In this day and age of Donald Trump, amusing karma usually comes and kicks most liberal acting buffoons up the backside at one point or another, depending on god’s righteous judgement (seemingly).

After all, George Clooney was unfortunately involved in an accident with his motorbike in Italy just last week, but is luckily okay. These things keep on happening and only god knows why…

Additionally, conservative street artist Sabo went after Cohen over his new billboard advert for the series, which shows Sacha sitting in a wheelchair with the slogan, “Sacha Baron Cohen always walks away with a hit… And a touch of stolen valor.”

We could expect some anti-Sacha Baron Cohen art coming some day soon, because let’s be honest, he’s been asking for it for sometime now.

Sacha Baron Cohen tried to make himself relevant again by pointing out to his very unsuccessful old interview with Donald Trump as Ali G, during which he pitched him an idea about gloves for eating ice cream. Donald Trump walked out of the interview, and wasn’t in the mood to waste any time. Sacha Baron Cohen had tried to insinuate that he was “the first person to realise that Trump was a dick”, in Cohen’s own words, to gain publicity. All these antics may result in Sacha losing his fans, which is already happening…

Sacha Baron Cohen once interviewed Donald Trump as character Ali G. Credit: Collider

But now, he’s pissed off Sarah Palin too, who went on to write on Facebook, “In Sacha Baron Cohen’s letter to me last week he *admits* he identified himself as having served. He sat in an electronic wheelchair during the interview – same as he did with Bernie Sanders and Ted Koppel. I’d offer to any members of the media inquiring to contact his production team – however they all lied about their names, their backgrounds and their contact information. This same team separated me from my daughter and my phone for this ‘interview’.”

So there you have it! Was “Who is America?” funny, or was it just a childish and petulant first episode, which left a lot to be desired in terms of comedy, which has pissed off war veterans, NRA members, the disabled, and a grand portion of people with any ounce of intelligence?

If the second episode is an equal dud to the first, that may just be the last that we see of Sacha Baron Cohen in entertainment, anywhere. We await to see the next episode, but our expectations of any comedy happening are very low.


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Featured Photo Credit: ABC News

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