EC President Jean-Claude Juncker is Exposed As A Blabbering Drunk

There’s very few people that we truly despise on this planet, but European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is a person that we have loathed for a very long time. Just his mere face alone is enough to make our eyes roll into another dimension. Today’s good news is that Jean-Claude Juncker is finally being exposed as a useless and vile drunk that’s leading the European Commission.

At the NATO summit, Jean-Claude Juncker was seen visibly off his face, and is known to drink gin all day long at meetings instead of water. Every day when he’s supposed to be working, he’s basically drunk, whilst picking up a hefty salary and other benefits in his role of leading the unelected European Union bureaucrats or “fat cats” that don’t do anything but sit around and claim expenses, even going as far as drinking (seemingly) all day, having lavish lunches, sleeping away half the afternoon (no show in parliament), and then exchanging their free business class air flights for economy tickets, then pocketing the cash difference of the ticket prices for themselves. Ka-ching! Great work if you can get it.

Yes, to be a “piece of sh*t” that works within the EU parliament, or to actually be Jean-Claude Juncker himself, won’t win you many fans around the world that know a lot about the true worthlessness and the sometimes corrupt bureaucracy of EU politicians.

Jean-Claude Juncker attended the recent NATO meeting and is reportedly often drunk. Credit: Dhaka Tribune

We all sort of know what they’re truly up to. Living extravagance at someone else’s expense, spreading the overall agenda of governing all of European countries like a one world government, whilst not even mentioning their further plans for yet more unassimilated immigration into the EU during another planned wave of illegal immigration and forced mandatory migrant quotas.

It’s no secret that politicians like Angela Merkel, her lapdog, Emmanuel Macron, and vile people like Jean-Claude Juncker, are all disgustingly (symbolically) in bed with George Soros, which is all the more reason for more countries to get out of the European Union and to do it fast. Otherwise, just take a page out of the book of Hungary and look at Viktor Orban, who’s doing a fine job in his country.

But now, let’s really see Jean-Claude Juncker as he stepped around last week’s NATO summit, completely drunk and off his head. Let’s just say, it’s not for the first time that he’s done something like this, either, but it was probably the stress of Donald Trump’s actions in laying down the law for EU countries defensive spending, which could’ve got Juncker to drink more than usual, perhaps?

We wonder what left wing Eurocrats and deranged purple haired pro-EU liberals might say about their European Commission President now? Were they always fans of this fraud of a man, or were they like us, completely and utterly disgusted by him, just from his appearance and mannerisms alone?

Jean-Claude Juncker is finally being exposed as a blabbering drunk, and we suspect Nigel Farage will be welcoming this news as well, whilst Theresa May seems to be ruining Brexit or at the very least, being caught up in the maze of negotiations, not knowing which side that she’s even on, anymore. However, let’s hope that she knows what she’s doing and knows who she’s really supposed to be serving.

In saying that, now that we know that Jean-Claude Juncker is also a greedy drunk, this almost makes him more human than before, but admittedly, it doesn’t make him any less worthless or stupid in the eyes of public perception, now does it?

However, seeing Jean-Claude Juncker surrounded by the equally weak stanced and questionable traitors to Europe like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron (not being far away), it’s almost as if they sort of make up a trio of puppets that are helping to steer the image of the EU as something strong and positive, but as we all know, and as Jean-Claude Juncker now clearly shows, it’s currently all just a shaky affair and a plausible scam for European countries and their people, maybe?

An inside source within the EU said that Juncker “is a little too fond of the bottle” and often times, he has left unelected chief civil servant Martin Selmayr – dubbed ‘the monster’ – to run the commission. 

Writing in ‘The Spectator’, Jean Quatremer, a French journalist that’s covered the EU for years, says that Brussels is awash with rumours of Junker’s out of control drinking, and to that of others, as well.

Not only was Juncker stumbling at the NATO summit in Brussels, but later, he was also seen being pushed around in a wheelchair. Too many drinks, eh?

Jean-Claude Juncker has now claimed that he has bad back pain, with “sciatica” being the cause, however, Jean Quatremer wrote about Junker’s claims, stating, ‘It would suggest Juncker suffered agonising back pain, but he did not seem to be in any discomfort.’

Juncker needed constant assistance with walking, eventually ending up in a wheelchair for the day. Credit: Iran Press

He added, ‘The video shows him smiling, laughing, talking and kissing his partners as they helped him walk.’

He wrote further, ‘The other explanation — and the assumption of a great many in Brussels — is Mr Juncker is a bit too fond of the bottle. Which he constantly denies.’

The spectator recalls Juncker at a Summit in Riga in 2015, where he was seen calling the arrival of Hungarian President Viktor Orban arriving into the room, as yelling out “the dictator is coming!”, before jokingly slapping him on the face, as well as later kissing the bald head of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. 

Jean-Claude Juncker has now responded with the following statement about his perceived drunkenness: “I’m really impressed by the interest some people are taking in these not even marginal issues and I am asking for respect.”

“I had sciatica and moreover I had cramps in my legs” he stated, adding that he “laughed at the pettiness” of what was being said about him.

Of course, Juncker would play the victim card… So, is Jean-Claude Juncker clearly a drunk, or is it solely his back pain? You be the judge!


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Zprávy

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