Did The Duke of Edinburgh Really Die Over The Weekend?

So, if you hadn’t already heard, Prince Philip tragically died over the weekend. 

Cue saddened violin music and mandatory Elton John ‘Candle in the Wind’ piano ballad. But of course, he didn’t. The 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh is well and truly still alive and kicking, and still uttering his politically incorrect remarks and offending delicate snowflakes all over the UK.

Who remembers when he trigged millennials everywhere when he said that “Young people are the same as they always were. Just as ignorant.” during an awards event in 2006? Or that other time when he asked if “Are we going to need ear plugs?” during the ‘Die Another Day’ film premier after learning that Madonna was singing the movie theme?

There was also that time when Prince Philip announced to a group of British students during a royal visit to China that “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.”, and who could forget when he confusingly asked a woman in Kenya “You are a woman, aren’t you?” after receiving a small gift from her?

Credit: Female First

Love him or loathe him, many are quick to criticise him for him putting his foot in it with ‘gaffes’, but he is a great asset to the monarchy and to the country, so when we learned that he had passed away it felt as if we had lost our unapologetic, blunt British uncle.

Don’t worry Philip, we often mis-assume genders on a regular basis. But in the end, it turned out that the Queen’s husband was a in fact, a victim of “fake news” over the weekend, as he uncharacteristically began to trend on Twitter with many people speculating that he had died.

Some media news outlets even began to announce that the Duke of Edinburgh had in fact passed away, with many people offering their condolences to the recently deceased Prince Philip. News of her husband’s apparent death got the attention of The Queen who only discovered the false rumours of Prince Philip’s death were spreading online when her staff started asking how he was doing.

Why the inconsiderate staff would ask The Queen how her husband was doing, if they had just read on Twitter that he had died is anyone’s guess…

Credit: Chronicle Live

As the apparent fake news continued to speed over social media, The Queen was said to have been absolutely furious and called her husband to discuss what they could do to combat the false story.

The royal couple are said to have had a tense phone conversation in which ‘They both agreed there was little they could do but they are very, very annoyed’ according to online sources.

‘It’s not nice to hear people the world over commenting on your health or death, even if you’re used to being in the public eye’.

Prince Philip, who retired and carried out his final official public engagement in August 2017, is in fact ‘in fine form’ as he recovers from a recent hip operation. We here at Brainstain wish the Duke of Edinburgh a speedy recovery.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: The Royal Family

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