FaZe Censor Breaks Up With “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl” To Focus On Call of Duty

Every once in a while, there’s an opportunity to cover the funny news on any given day, and this news should come as a seriously amusing story. When Call of Duty becomes more important than your relationships, it begs the question: “Are some millennials taking video games way too seriously?”

We’ve all been there. You might be sat at home, playing away on your games console whilst your girlfriend wants to watch television, or spend time with you, perhaps even cuddle, go out to dinner or even do some other things, but your mind is focused on only one thing, and that’s gaming.

Such is the case in the story of YouTuber Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin, 23, who had been dating the famous “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia from Mexico’s ‘Hoy’ (Today) show, made famous by her derriere in suggestive outfits and poses, which made her into a social media star, going viral for her form whilst reporting on the weather. Muy caliente!

Bad choice, Martin. Very bad choice. Credit: YouTube

However, Douglas dumped Yanet last week after three years together, lamenting that he needed more time to focus on ‘Call of Duty’ full time, in order to become a professional gamer, and go on to win championships. Douglas Martin said that he will do “whatever it takes” to become a gaming champion.

Yanet Garcia became famous when her weather reports went viral, and took the male faction of social media users by storm, such is seen here by Ozzy Man Reviews, which clearly points out Ms. Garcia might just be the best weather forecaster in the whole world.

Yes, that shape and form is quite unforgettable, but not for Douglas Martin, who broke up with her last week. He then took to YouTube to explain his decision in a 10 minute video to his fans, stating in the said video that he needed to focus solely on ‘Call of Duty’ from now on…

In the video which has been viewed over 780,000, Douglas said, “Yanet and I are no longer in a relationship with each other anymore.”

“Yanet is an awesome girl, she deserves the best. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she was an awesome girlfriend. I know it sounds weird I’m saying all this… it’s just, I gotta do what feels right for me.”

The pair was always together, and even lived together in New York City for a year, but ‘Call of Duty’ came in between them. Credit: Instagram

Meanwhile, Yanet Garcia posted on social media that she was “heartbroken” and retweeted a tweet that said, ‘Respect yourself enough to say, “I deserve better’.

Yanet Garcia, also posted in Spanish, ‘Never listen to the advice of a person who has not done anything good with his life.’

Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin said that he supported her decision to pursue acting and modelling, but that everything changed when she moved back to Mexico City, to pursue her dreams, and return as the “Weather Girl.”

Douglas said “‘I supported her decision. She wanted to be a supermodel actress – chase your dreams, life’s too short.”

Ultimately, it was the long distance from New York to Mexico for the second time that killed the relationship, Martin said, “I’m playing Call of Duty full-time now and she wanted to take her job opportunity. I didn’t think it was going to be that difficult. Back then it was a lot easier for me to go out and see her. But now I have obligations.”

Such a shame that somebody didn’t want to fly out and see her anymore, eh? Credit: Instagram

“I’m on a contract. It’s not like I don’t want to do this, this is the career that I want. I want to win a ring, I want to win a world championship, what I want in my life at this very moment is to complete in Call of Duty because I love it so much. I’m going to do whatever it takes to be a champion.”

Douglas Martin had to choose his “poison”, Yanet Garcia the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl”, or ‘Call of Duty’ the game, and he chose the latter.

Yanet Garcia will have to keep herself happy with her 6.5 million Instagram followers and her many admirers for now, but she’s taken a pretty big hit emotionally, in being replaced by ‘Call of Duty’.

Most girlfriend’s only have to contend with video games, and ultimately not get dumped because of them. Anyway, as they say, life goes on…


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Featured Photo Credit: Instagram

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