QAnon Has Gone Mainstream; What To Expect Now

Following on from Donald Trump’s recent ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Tampa, Florida, we saw the visible presence of Q, with Trump supporters wearing Q hats, shirts and holding up Q placards at the rally. The presence of QAnon supporters was so prevalent that the mainstream media has finally had to start latching onto the phenomenon of truth, by trying to discredit it as far right conspiracy theorists and a fringe group (such as ‘Blacks for Trump’), and that these QAnon followers are not a majority, but simply fringe extremists. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now that the mainstream media is trying to discredit QAnon and Q followers, or will start trying to, Q posted out the following message, message 1791:

Welcome to the mainstream.

We knew this day would come. (glimpse)(what to expect)

POTUS’ twitter comments

Liberal Democrats

Fake News WW

Fake MAGA supporters

Bandwagon shills

Paid shills (Media Matters)

Intel infiltration (neg dissemination).

MSM infiltration (neg dissemination).

Twitter bot attack (twitter controls dir/fake accts)

(FB/Twitter/etc create massive amounts of fake user accts for

SP (fake user growth %)/bot use etc).

All activated past 24hrs.

Full attack mode (brute force).

False ‘violent’ narrative push. Ask yourself, why?

Enjoy the show!


Other Anon’s joined in spreading the word and encouraged this message to be shared far and wide, as we all know that we cannot trust the mainstream media.

A message of Patriots to unite and ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’ is burgeoning among the QAnon community, and everyone is vigilant for false narratives, as the Cabal and mainstream media goes into damage control. However, the QAnon movement is a peaceful community of information sharing, hence, the warnings from Q and other Anons’ urging the public to be aware of what might come next.

QAnon or Q, which has been an active message board since October 2017, has now reached the mainstream, with the mainstream media calling them a fringe group, but it doesn’t seem like the mainstream media wish to acknowledge the truthful narrative that Anon’s are much bigger than you think, and are by no means a fringe group, but a worldwide community working together for justice.

‘We Are Q.’ Credit: WokeSloth

These are exciting times, especially when Q himself posted out message 1791, forewarning the dirty tricks that may come from the left, and how to protect yourselves from them. The left may not know what they are in for…


“Here Comes the Pain”

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Tah-Heetch


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