Four African Migrants Gang Rape Disabled Woman in Stockholm

Well, it seems like it’s time once again for further news of the cultural enrichment in Sweden. In Bromma, Greater Stockholm, on the 5th of May, a disabled Swedish woman was gang raped by four migrant men from Eritrea, Africa. Yes, the liberal European Union nation is knee deep in denial and knee deep in migrant rape chaos, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The four African men have been charged for the gang rape, where they held down the woman by her arms and legs, then raped her vaginally and anally. The rape was so brutal, in the prosecutors own words, that it caused “a crack in the woman’s abdomen area.”

The woman, who suffers from a developmental disorder, was left alone and very vulnerable with four African migrant men, in an unfamiliar area, with the prosecutor stating, “partly because of her developmental disorder, partly because she was alone with four offenders in an unfamiliar environment” is what caused the event to happen. 

The prosecution team want the case classed as particularly “ruthless” and “cruel” because of the woman’s mental disability, with the four men, between the ages of 17-20 years old, now being pushed to be deported back to Eritrea by the prosecution team. Let’s bloody hope so!

The beautiful city of Stockholm, is now not as safe as it once was due to migrants. Credit: Sheraton-Stockholm Hotel

This is just the latest example of escalating rape crimes in Sweden, which recent research by Aftonbladet has shown to have been conducted at 88% by migrant men (non-Swedish descent), and not by Swedish nationals, which should come as a major wake up call for socialist liberals drinking their migrant utopia kool aid juice, exemplifying their brainwashing and more so, the overall failed migrant experiment for which the European Union and the socialist Swedish government has a lot to answer for.

Recently, a typical brainwashed female liberal socialist in Sweden, boarded a plane to prevent an Afghan (criminal rapist) migrant from being deported. In yet another example of the liberal derangement epidemic in Sweden, and the after effects of liberal indoctrination in the schooling system, and full blown insanity gripping the nation in relation to dangerous migrants, she wouldn’t disembark the plane unless the migrant would stay in Sweden.

The surging rape epidemic in Sweden is a result of the influx of millions of predominately Muslim men from the Middle East and North Africa, entering the Scandinavian nation in droves without background checks, and all the while living off the taxpayer’s expense in substantial socialist welfare handouts.

Aftonbladet’s research also found that apart from the 88% of rapes in the last six years being conducted by people from a migrant background, a further 84% of violent rapes were done by people from Muslim-majority nations.

Unassimilated Muslim migrants are ransacking Sweden as a whole. Call it “cultural enrichment?” Credit: Save My Sweden

Furthermore, a private study of 4,142 rulings on sex crimes in Sweden by 40 courts, between 2012 and 2014, found that 95.6% of rapes were committed by men of foreign descent.

So, to the people in Sweden still in denial about the rape epidemic in their country, they only need to look at the facts and see that this so-called “cultural enrichment” isn’t working out, is it? Perhaps, it’s really time to send these migrants home already?

With the Swedish election coming up in early September, is it any wonder why the anti-migrant Swedish Democrats are favourites to win this fall? A centrist party with firm facts and tougher laws on deportations and migrant crime are very much firm favourites to win in the Swedish election, and rightly so.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Infowars

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